Harwin Recognizes Mouser’s Significant Contribution to its Continuing Worldwide Success

12 Apr 23

    12 Apr 23

    Harwin Recognizes Mouser's Significant Contribution to its Continuing Worldwide Success

    Harwin announces that Mouser has been made the recipient of its Global Performance of the Year Award for 2022.


    Mouser, the Texas-based online distribution specialist, is being recognized with this award for a multitude of reasons. At the top of the list is its continued expansion of the Harwin customer base, combined with impressive sales growth figures. Alongside this are the marketing engagement activities that the company has done – covering widespread promotion through e-newsletters and online advertising, plus the creation of highly informative technical and multimedia content.

    Other key factors that have been instrumental in gaining this accolade are the speed with which new product introductions (NPIs) are actioned and the major commitments made to inventory. The latest product lines are quickly added to Mouser stock, then widely promoted to relevant target audiences.

    “The team at Mouser is an invaluable asset to Harwin, providing valued support to the company in achieving its long-term growth objectives,” Anthony Bruggeman, Head of Distribution, Americas at Harwin explains. “The ceaseless NPI activity combined with first-class marketing campaigns are putting our products front and center. This means a larger number of engineers are being made aware of the products and are then designing them in.”

    “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award and thank Harwin for recognizing the outstanding efforts of our teams around the world,” responded Jeff Newell, Mouser Electronics’ Senior Vice President, Products. “We greatly value our partnership and will continue to fulfil customers’ needs through best-in-class service, innovation and collaboration. We look forward to continued success in years to come.”