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Introducing Backshells

Harwin supplies a comprehensive range of backshells with a rugged aluminium alloy construction and electroless nickel plating. The aluminium gives a strong yet lightweight protective covering, with good shielding properties from its high conductivity, and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The nickel coating provides corrosion resistance (which can be a weakness of uncoated aluminium). Cable and board/panel mount backshells are available for all major HRi product ranges.

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Features & Benefits

  • Complete coverage of cable connectors & cable exit from the rear of connector

  • Adding braid covers the full cable assembly

  • Adding backshells on the board or panel mounted connectors gives complete end-to-end shielding

  • Great for mechanical robustness – prevents wear & tear on the connectors & cable bundle from any external impacts & fretting/rubbing

  • Added strength for maintenance cycles

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Why Backshells?

Backshells provide mechanical protection to the connectors, especially the point where the wires exit the connector. Making those backshells out of metal also provides EMC/RFI shielding. By adding a metal braid around the outside of the cable assembly and attaching it to the rear ends of the backshells give full 360° EMC shielding across the whole cable assembly, and added wear resistance at any location on the cable harness.


Cable Shielding

Cables wind through many different areas of a piece of equipment. Some areas might be transmitting signals that you don’t want to interfere with the signals in the cable bundle. Some areas might be prone to signals that come from within the cable bundle – protecting both the cables and the surrounding areas from errant signals.


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    End-to-End Shielding

    By adding shielding to the mating connectors at both ends of the cable harness, full end-to-end shielding is achieved. Use with PCB ground planes or grounding attachments to the cable braid for improved shielding effectiveness.

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    Mechanical Robustness

    Vibration causes cables to rub and fret against areas of chassis/airframes in vibration environments, or even against the cable ties holding the harness in place. Adding a hard-wearing metal braid, correctly anchored either end to the metal backshells, helps reduce or eliminate the risk of wiring short-circuits from exposed conductors.

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