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Vivern Circular Connector range is a sensor connector with IP67 sealing rating, ideal for use in motorsport and other high impact environments such as UAVs, marine and robots.

The range is designed for cable-to-cable connection, but also comes with a cable-to-board option. A key feature of the design involves a sacrificial collar that keeps the two connectors locked and sealed together. If high stress or an unexpected load is applied, the collar breaks and can be replaced – rather than the connectors breaking and having to rework the whole cable loom.

Features & Benefits:

  • Three colour-coded keyway options for preventing cross-connection
  • 10-contact Hermaphrodite design in a circular housing and twist-lok collar, for simpler mating and maximising the number of signal lines
  • 2A per contact at 1.45mm pitch – high performance current capacity for a miniature connector
  • Ø10.60mm total connector size (with collar) – between 40-70% higher pin count than equivalent sized connectors
  • PCB connector option with a flange configuration holding two mounting hardware points, or panel mounting on cable versions
  • 1,000 mating contact cycles, vibration and shock resistance for extreme environments; proven 4-finger contact design from the Gecko family

Vivern is capable of an operating temperature of -65°C to +150°C, and uses a bayonet coupling on the collar for fast mating. Cable sizes can range from 24 to 32AWG, maximum voltage is 600V AC/DC, and the mated connectors are rated for a vibration severity of 20G (196m/s²) for 6 hours.

Applications & Markets

  • Motorsport – Sensor and telemetry connections, vehicle controls, ERS management, pit lane equipment; developed with leading international motorsport teams and loom manufacturers
  • Marine – Onboard electronics, radar, communications and tracking equipment
  • Robotics – External periphery and joint linkages, communications, exposed wiring, UUV and other ROVs
  • Aviation – Avionic controls, UAVs, engine controls

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