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Datamate Coax Crimp Contact - Assembly Instrutions

Harwin's Datamate Coax range provide a compact ganged multiport coax connector. Each contact is rated to 50 Ohm, 6GHz and is suitable for High-Reliability applications. See the Datamate Coax page on for more range information: The coax connectors are designed with a single body moulding to resist extremes of shock, vibration and temperature in challenging application environments such as Defense, Aerospace, Satellites, UAVs, Undersea and more. This video will assist in the crimping process of the straight coax contacts. For help with the angled coax contacts, please see the Datamate Coax Solder video

Datamate Coax Solder Contact - Assembly Instructions

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Datamate Coax Crimp Contact - Assembly Instrutions


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