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Type Name Description
pdf G125 Series - C125xx Gecko 1.25mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors
pdf M80 and M83 Series - C005xx Datamate 2.00mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors - 1, 2 and 3 Row
pdf M80-7XX Series - C017xx Datamate 2.00mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors - 3 Row
pdf M80 Metal Backshell Series - C042xx Datamate S-Tek 2.00mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors with Metal Backshells - 2 Row
pdf M80 Trio-Tek Series - C040xx Datamate Trio-Tek 2.00mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors - 2 Row
pdf M300 Series - C048xx M300 3.00mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors
pdf M20 Series - C001xx 2.54mm Pitch Connectors (excluding jumper sockets)
pdf M7X Series - C003xx 2.54mm Pitch Jumper Sockets
pdf M22 Series - C018xx 2.00mm Pitch Connectors (excluding Jumper Sockets)
pdf M22-19X Series - C013xx 2.00mm Pitch Jumper Sockets
pdf M30 Series - C025xx 1.25mm Pitch Connectors
pdf M40 Series - C026xx 1.00mm Pitch Connectors
pdf M50 and M52 Series - C029xx Archer 1.27mm Pitch Connectors
pdf M60 Series - C027xx 0.80mm Pitch Connectors
pdf PC/104, PC/104 Plus - C039xx PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Connectors
pdf C90 Circular Connectors - C045xx C90 Circular Connectors (MIL-DTL-5015 style connectors)
pdf 0.5mm PCB Sockets - C006xx Sub-miniature (0.5mm) PC Board Sockets
pdf 0.8mm PCB Sockets - C010xx 0.80mm PC Board Sockets
pdf 1mm PCB Sockets - C009xx 1.00mm PC Board Sockets
pdf 2mm PCB Sockets - C031xx 2.00mm PC Board Sockets
pdf Terminals - C008xx Insulated Terminals
pdf K3XXX Series - C034xx 2 & 3 Way Power Connectors
pdf M402 Series - C041xx 0.50mm Pitch Connectors
pdf IC Sockets - C004xx Round Pin IC Sockets and Headers
pdf MMCX Series - C036xx Micro Miniature Coax Connectors
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