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Type Name Description
pdf Gecko Hand Crimp Tool - IS-37 For use with Gecko cable contacts and housings
pdf Gecko Insertion/Extraction Tool - IS-38 For use with Gecko loose cable contacts, pre-crimped contacts and housings
pdf Datamate J-Tek - Jackscrew List Datamate J-Tek and Mix-Tek - list of currently available Jackscrew types and their mating jackscrews
pdf M22520/2-01 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-01 For use with barrel crimps: M80-011, M80-013, M80-040, M80-041, M80-055, M80-194, M80-195, K3606, K3607
pdf Z80-280 Assembly Tool - IS-25 For use with all Datamate signal crimp contacts and associated housings
pdf Z80-255 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-27 For use with Datamate Trio-Tek crimps: M80-253, M80-254, M80-283, M80-284
pdf Z80-258 Extraction Tool - IS-28 For use with Datamate Trio-Tek crimps: M80-253, M80-254, M80-283, M80-284 and associated housings
pdf Z80-292 and Z90-293 Hand Crimp Tools - IS-34 For use with Datamate Mix-Tek Coax contacts M80-305 to M80-309 and M80-315 to M80-319
pdf Z80-294 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-29 For use with Datamate Mix-Tek Power crimps: M80-328, M80-329, M80-338, M80-339
pdf Z80-299 Datamate Separator Tool - IS-30 For use with Datamate L-Tek male latched connectors
pdf M80-880 Datamate Cable Hood - IS-08 For use with Datamate L-Tek female crimp connectors
pdf M80-94X Datamate Cable Hood - IS-26 For use with Datamate J-Tek hooded crimp connectors M80-940, M80-941, M80-942, M80-943
pdf Datamate S-Tek Braiding - IS-32 For use with Datamate S-Tek Metal Backshell connectors
pdf M300 Insertion/Extraction Tool - IS-40 For use with M300 cable contacts and housings
pdf Shield Can Kit - IS-39 For use with the Shield Can Kit S01-806005KIT, to make prototype shield cans
pdf Z20-320 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-15 For use with crimps: M20-116, M20-118
pdf Z22-020 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-05 For use with crimps: M22-304, M22-305, M22-306, M22-308
pdf Z30-021 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-36 For use with crimps: M30-105, M30-106
pdf ZK3610-00 Assembly Tool - IS-22 For use with contacts: K3602, K3603, K3606, K3607
pdf Punch and Die Tools - IS-35 For use with all Turned Lugs, Terminals and Turrets that require swaging
pdf Z1001-00 Assembly Tool - IS-24 For use with W2222-00 Insulated Terminal
pdf Z30-020 Hand Crimp Tool - IS-13 For use with crimps: M30-100, M30-101
pdf Z1002-00 Track Pin Insertion Tool - IS-06 For use with track pins: T1558-46, T1559-46, T1559F46, T1559F46K, T1560-46, T1561-46, T1562-46, T1563-46, T1563F46, T1563F46K, T1564-46, T1565-46
pdf C90 Braid Adaptors - Spring Band - IS-31 For use with C90-002 Braid Adaptors
pdf C90 Braid Adaptors - Tie-Band - IS-33 For use with C90-001 Braid Adaptors
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