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This file does not open!

There are a number of different file types available for download on the Harwin website – please check the appropriate section.

Files ending .pdf

PDF files are generated and viewed within Adobe Acrobat products. If you get a file error while trying to view one of these files, please check you’re using the latest version of Adobe Reader.


Other products are available, but this program should work in all cases, including 3D PDFs.

Files ending .zip

ZIP files are a compressed file format that stores other file types. There are multiple choices of ZIP file extractors – later Windows and Macs even have one built in, no additional software is necessary. If you need additional software, you can download a free trial version of the popular Winzip from their website.

Files ending .xls or .xlsx

These file types are specific to Microsoft Office Excel. If you don’t have this software, you can download a free software suite called LibreOffice to view these files. Please note, we cannot confirm the level of compatibility with Microsoft Excel.

Files ending .stp or .igs

These file types are both 3D CAD model files, and you’ll need 3D CAD software to open them. We’re unable to recommend a specific CAD software.


If you have problems with any of these file formats, please use the Contact form to talk to our Webmaster Team. If you are having trouble getting the file to download, or experiencing other issues with the website, see this Support article on browser help.

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