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How do I obtain PCB Layout models/libraries (for Altium / Eagle CAD / DesignSpark etc.)?

Harwin have partnered with SamacSys, a leading supplier of 2D schematics, PCB footprints and 3D models, to bring you the resources you need for designing our components on your boards. Every product page features a link to the SamacSys library – details are given below.

If you prefer to program your own board layout, all our PCB components provide the necessary PCB layout dimensions on their Technical Drawings, for you to create your own layouts – see more information after the video.

How to find the Model

On the product page, you will see a CAD Model button located in the top section, just under the introduction text and Samples/Availability buttons. When you click on this button, you will see two options of CAD models.

The SamacSys download options include PCB footprints and circuit schematics, as well as CAD models of the product in a wider variety of formats. Depending on the existing availability of models, you will see one of a selection of buttons. Clicking on this button will present a popup window (see image right):

Samacsys Button Logos


Some products have already been processed and have the layouts, models and schematics ready to download – others you may need to request using the SamacSys interface.

Downloading the files

To download the required files, you will need to register with SamacSys. If you have already registered on their core site (ComponentSearchEngine.com), you can use the same login information here. Click on the “Download ECAD Models” to access the login box.

Once logged in, you can download the applicable files you require. For more information on the SamacSys file types and suitable CAD systems, please consult the SamacSys help pages:

Youtube video for
Footprints on Harwin Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings are located on the individual product pages.

  • Use the search at the top of the site to find the product you require.
  • The link to the Technical Drawing will be in the lower half of the page, in the Downloads / Technical Documents box.

If you have any difficulties finding the PCB layout you need on a Harwin drawing, please use the Contact form to talk to our Technical Experts.

If you’re looking for 3D CAD models, please see our Support article on this subject.

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