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How are obsolete products handled?

Whenever possible, we will announce products that are being made obsolete with a 3-month Last-Time-Buy (LTB) window – effectively 3 month’s notice before a product is made obsolete.

If stock still remains after those three months, the remaining product may still be available for sale for a little while longer (depending on the volume left and the reason for obsolescence).

There are some instances where a product may be given a shorter LTB window – or may have no LTB at all. This will usually be because a product has not sold for a very long time, and an LTB opportunity is unnecessary. However, there may be occasions where no LTB is given due to exceptional circumstances. If you require clarification on a LTB, please use the Contact form to talk to our Customer Services Teams.


When a product is made obsolete, we will send an Obsolescence Notification to all authorized distributors, and to those who have registered for notifications directly from us.

If you would like to hear from us directly on all product changes and obsolescences, you can join our PCN (Product Change Notification) mailing list in one easy step:

  • Register on our dedicated PCN sign-up page.

We will then send you all future PCNs directly to you. Please note, we are unable to accept requests to be registered for certain products only.

If you have any questions about this process, please use the Contact form to talk to our Webmaster Team. If you need assistance on products already made obsolete, please see our Support article on obsolete product information.

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