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Does Harwin have product or batch traceability?

Harwin holds ISO 9001:2015 approval and, as part of this Quality standard, we are required to have full batch traceability at all levels of the manufacturing process. This includes incoming raw materials, piece part and full product manufacture, and dispatch.

The batch codes in completed products fall into two different types – date codes or a sequential allocated number. If the batch code on the product doesn’t look like a date and you require a date of manufacture, there are two methods to retrieve this date.

  • If you have the batch code from the primary packaging, you can contact our Customer Services Teams directly to confirm the date of manufacture.
  • If you no longer have access to the batch code, you will need to contact the distributor where you purchased the goods. Provide them with your Purchase Order Number. They will liaise with our teams to confirm the batch purchased, and the date of manufacture.

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