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Datamate T-Contact – Power on 2mm pitch

Datamate T-Contact is a single-piece beryllium copper contact capable of up to 8.5A when used on 2mm pitch Datamate J-Tek*, and is suitable for 22AWG cable. The design uses a 6-finger construction which provides improved current-carrying capacity and increased vibration resistance. It has an extended operating life of over 1000 mating cycles and 60% more contact wipe to improve self-cleaning action.

The T-Contact is suitable in applications where high-reliability connectors are already specified, and where power requirements or size constraints are increasing. These include; Aviation, Motorsport & Transport, Energy, Industrial, Space Systems, Defense and Security.

* Datamate J-Tek housings also available separately for 4 to 50 contacts with a variety of jackscrew styles.