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Definitions for jargon, scientific terms and phrases used at Harwin and across the connector and electronics industries.

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A style of cable management, traditionally used in telecoms, naval and aerospace applications, that uses a thin cord (often waxed linen) to tie the cables together and bind them tightly along the routing length. The advantage of the lacing method is that there are no obstructions such as those created by plastic cable ties. However, the method is much more complicated and requires some training and practice.

Land Pattern
Last Time Buy

When a product is made obsolete, the manufacturer may choose to grant a Last Time Buy period. This gives customers a fixed date, before which orders will still be accepted. However, MOQs or lead-times may increase during this period, as the manufacturer wants to make sure that any last manufacturing batch does not lead to an excess of inventory and can group final production runs in the most efficient manner possible.


A form of mechanical fixing that is attached to one mating half of a connector pair, and will snap or lock around a feature on the other connector housing. Can be either locking (requires manual intervention directly on the latch to unmate from the mating half) or friction (just adds some additional force to the total withdrawal force between the two connectors, but they can still be pulled apart).


The amount of time required to process an order through production, from order acknowledgement to shipment of the order. The time includes not just the amount of production time required, but also has to consider the capacity of the affected production lines, and the amount of other orders scheduled before this order.