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Definitions for jargon, scientific terms and phrases used at Harwin and across the connector and electronics industries.

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A 1.25mm pitch high-reliability connector range designed and manufactured by Harwin, low-profile and compact with a double-row rectangular layout. Available in Board-to-Board, Cable-to-Board and Cable-to-Cable configurations. Options include with latches or with Screw-Loks.

Gecko-SL (Gecko Screw-Lok)

A development of the Gecko 1.25mm pitch high-reliability connector range designed and manufactured by Harwin that uses small jackscrews (called Screw-Lok) to affix the connectors together (to ensure the shock and vibration requirements are met).


Also known as Earth. Either a direct, physical connection to the earth itself, or a reference point on a circuit from which voltage is measured. The physical connection to earth provides a route to overload or leak excess current or interference current away from the circuit. This is called an Earth Return, and helps prevent static build-up, overloads or dangerous currents. The Earth is so enormous that it can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing its potential (which is effectively zero).

Ground Connection

The physical path from the connection to Ground or Earth.

Ground Plane

A conductive surface, ideally connected to Ground. However, in portable devices, this is not actually connected to a physical earth, and the term should more strictly speaking refer to a "common". This would be a reference plane from which all voltages in the equipment is measured.