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SMT PCB Socket

SMT PCB Sockets - from Harwin

Surface Mount PCB contact is secure and cost-effective.

The Harwin Socket portfolio includes Surface Mount socket contacts, available in 2 sizes.

  • S9091-46R, suitable for 0.8mm to 1.5mm square or diameter mating pins;
  • S9101-46R, suitable for 1.1mm to 1.8mm diameter, or 1.1mm to 1.4mm square mating pins.

Cost-effective Surface Mount Solution

A cost-effective alternative to turned PCB sockets, these stamped sockets are designed for SMT assembly and are ideally suited for high volume applications. The components come in industry standard tape & reel packaging, allowing them to be automatically placed which minimises installed cost.

Both contacts are very low profile, with just a single material thickness above the PCB. The S9091 design is also side-stackable on a 2.54mm pitch spacing. The design features a two-point contact system, which ensures secure retention whilst facilitating easy removal and replacement of the socketed component.

Ideal for High-Volume Markets

Comments the Sockets Product Specialist: “Ideal for contact pins, discrete components, sensors etc., applications will be found in many mid- to high-volume markets, ranging from consumer electronics through to the industrial, instrumentation and control systems environments. Typical examples include wireless security systems, ventilation fan stators, fire detectors and electronic switches, where low cost, effective connections need to be achieved within the demands of high volume assembly practices”.


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