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Shield Cans for Board Level EMC Shielding

Shield Cans - EMC Shielding

Harwin Shield Cans deliver excellent, cost-effective RFI/EMI screening. Suitable for automated assembly; cuts post-processing; facilitates easy inspection.

EMI PCB Shielding

To complement the range of Shield Clips already available from Harwin, six sizes of Shield Can are available as part of the EMC Shielding range:

  • 30mm x 20mm, 5mm high, 0.3mm material thickness.
  • 30mm x 30mm, 5mm high, 0.3mm material thickness.
  • 50mm x 25mm, 5mm high, 0.3mm material thickness.
  • 20mm x 15mm, 3mm high, 0.2mm material thickness.
  • 25mm x 20mm, 3mm high, 0.2mm material thickness.
  • 30mm x 20mm, 2.5mm high, 0.2mm material thickness.
  • NEW! Shield Can Kits, ideal for prototyping.

The 0.3mm thick Shield Cans (part number starting S01) are designed to work with the Midi Shield clips, S1711-46R and S2711-46R. Shield Cans with 0.2mm thickness (part number starting S02) work with a variety of Shield clips; S0941-46R, S0951-46R, S0961-46R, S0971-46R, S0981-46R, S0991-46R, S1001-46R and S1721-46R.


Sensitive electronic circuits need to be fully protected from extraneous electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI). Typically, metal shields or 'cans' are mounted directly to the PCB to fully shroud the required circuitry. Cans are traditionally attached to the PCB using through-hole solder tails, manually soldered after the main assembly process.

This is time-consuming and costly. Also, if maintenance is required during setup and servicing, access to circuitry and components under the shields requires de-soldering. In densely populated PCB areas containing highly sensitive components, there is a high risk of expensive damage.


These cans are mounted by simply pushing them into the SMT clips. Installation costs are minimised since there is no secondary processing required – assembly takes seconds. They can be easily removed for inspection/repair/rework, with no fear of damage to the PCB. The clips ensure secure can retention, resistant to shock and vibration.

The mechanically-robust, simple five sided box design saves cost when compared to fence and cover styles. Cans are produced from Nickel Silver to ensure good screening.


Comments the EMC Shielding Product Specialist: "These cans provide a cost-effective method of delivering screening since they enable manufacturers to optimise automated processes and eliminate expensive hand assembly processing. Beneficial for many markets, Harwin Shield Cans will be used in applications including radio systems, wireless equipment and consumer electronics, where low cost, effective can retention needs to be combined with good shielding performance."


  • Telecoms base stations
  • Radio communications
  • Data processing
  • In-car entertainment/information systems


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