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PCB Sockets (Turned Shell)

PCB Sockets from Harwin

Versatile single female contacts using Harwin's renowned High-Reliability connection system, for secure connection and design flexibility

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  • Vertical through-board sockets for Ø0.5mm, Ø0.8mm, Ø1mm and Ø2mm mating pins.
  • Available in a variety of body styles.
  • Horizontal SMT sockets for Ø0.5mm, Ø1mm and Ø2mm mating pins.

PCB sockets from Harwin are ideal for mounting odd-form components, or single contact points. The range covers the common diameter pins found on typical components, and give a variety of board styles to suit your particular requirements.

High-Reliability Contacts

These sockets all use a 4 or 6 finger Beryllium Copper contact clip, specifically suited for High-Reliability requirements, housed in a Brass turned shell:

  • Resistant to Vibration and Shock.
  • Excellent operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C.
  • Durable: performance is maintained for a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

SMT and cutaway of Harwin Sockets

With the addition of Horizontal SMT sockets to the range, the design options are further increased, to include edge-mounted for daughterboard applications. These sockets are very compact and low-profile, yet still utilise the same Beryllium Copper contact clip designs for High-Reliability under vibration and shock.

Normally supplied loose, alternative packing options include carrier combs for the Ø0.5mm sockets, and Tape & Reel for the SMT sockets.


  • Avionics
  • Portable and Hand-Held Equipment
  • Sensors and Measurement Instrumentation
  • Medical Electronics
  • Robotics, UAVs and Unmanned Vehicles
  • High-Reliability Applications


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