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M225 Series - High performance Industrial Connector

M225 - 2mm pitch Industrial Connector

Elevated Performance 2mm Pitch Industrial Connectors Equipped to Take on Heavy Vibrations & Shocks

Cable-to-Board Connector Range

M225 Series is a range of high-performance cable-to-board connectors, resistant to shock and vibration, on a 2.00mm pitch. The range features a rubber locking collar and fixing pin system, providing a fast and simple strain-relief connection suited for a wide scope of industrial and other related applications.

Capable of withstanding a 10G vibrational force for a period of 6 hours, the new M225 connector series can be automatically crimped.

The female connector consists of crimp housings fitted with the rubber collars and supplied with the fixing pins. The female crimp contacts are available as either loose contacts (for prototyping or low-volume pre-production), or on a continuous bandolier carrier strip. The mating area of the crimp has 3 points of contact in a stamped single-piece design, giving increased shock and vibration resistance, and suitable for high-volume automated crimping.

M225-2530046 - bandoliered female crimp contact


Female connectors are suitable for 22 to 28AWG, depending on the crimp contact specified. Male connectors are vertical throughboard, with selected pin counts; 10, 20, 26, 34 or 50 pins. Additional features include:

  • Extremely durable industrial connector system - 10G vibration, 100G Shock
  • Capable of withstanding extremes of temperature; -55°C to +125°C
  • Fully shrouded and polarized housings
  • Mate-before-lock system with push-fit rubber bush and pin arrangement
  • 3.0A per contact at 25°C

Applications and Markets

The M225 Series is ideally suited for a number of industrial applications:

  • Industrial - Factory and mobile machinery, Control panels and sub-systems, Drives, Robotics and other automation
  • Instrumentation - Test equipment, Portable hand-held devices
  • Site Control - Remote control devices, ground and machinery monitoring


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