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Datamate Trio-Tek - Automated Crimping

Datamate Trio-Tek - for Jackscrew versions

Adding high-volume capability with automated crimping for a High-Reliability connector system

The Datamate system from Harwin is designed to perform in conditions where high shock and vibration or extremes of temperature are experienced. It has been proven in military, aerospace, oil exploration and other demanding applications.

Datamate Trio-Tek Triangular Contact Design

Now Harwin has designed Datamate Trio-Tek, featuring a new triangular contact that is easily processed by automated equipment for volume applications.

  • Lower assembled cost for volume applications
  • Can be automated for improved process quality
  • Improved strain relief
  • Available in both L-Tek (latched) and J-Tek (jackscrew) designs

Performing to the same High-Reliability standards as conventional Datamate contacts, the Datamate Trio-Tek open crimp contact allow for automation of the crimp process. This significantly saves on assembly time and reduces process costs. The new crimp design also incorporates a latching feature which simplifies the insertion of contacts into the housing - no insertion tooling is required.

Simplified and Automated

The High-Reliability Product Specialist commented: “An innovative, patent-pending design in the field of high reliability connectors, the Datamate Trio-Tek auto-crimp contact features a triangular form that is the key to providing a simplified crimping process, whilst enabling the customer to fully automate crimping in medium- and high-volume applications. Further, inexpensive hand crimping tools are also available for lower volume and product development and prototyping applications.”

Datamate Trio-Tek - Automated Crimping

The high reliability contact of the Datamate Trio-Tek is tested in accordance with BS 9525-F0033. A crimp inspection window in the housing aids quality control, while the insulation crimp barrel provides improved strain relief. The housings come with jackscrews (J-Tek) or latching features (L-Tek single and double row), and the contacts are available both loose and on reels.



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