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Datamate High Current

Datamate High Current - up to 40A per contact

Datamate range offers high power contacts that operate over high temperatures

Available in a variety of standard Datamate Mix-Tek layouts

Datamate High Current Contacts offer high current rating in a compact space. These new contacts double the current rating of the standard Mix-Tek power contacts available, from 20A to 40A nominally (see de-rating chart below).

High Power at High Temperatures

These contacts are able to operate over a wide temperature range, up to +150°C (with de-rating). The High Power Contacts also provide the same high-performance levels in harsh environments, such as shock and vibration.

Gold Plated for High Durability

The High Current contacts are suited for any high-temperature environment where high current and power are required. Suitable for aerospace applications, the contacts are gold plated to 30 microinches (0.76µm) to offer high durability.

Part of the Datamate Mix-Tek Family

Mixed technology connectors featuring the new high current contacts have been added to the range as standard products. The Datamate Mix-Tek Off-The-Shelf series also includes certain popular 3A signal, 20A power and 50Ω coax variations.

High Current De-rating Chart


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