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Datamate Coax

Datamate Coax - 50 Ohm connectors

Harwin secures reliable coax connection even in challenging environments

Datamate Coax: multiport 6GHz, 50Ω connectors

Introducing a range of standard layout, multiport coaxial connectors with 6GHz, 50Ω contacts, suitable for hi-rel applications. Designed for use with RG178 cables, the ganged connectors are available from stock with two, four, six or eight contacts.

Ready-made Cable Assemblies

Expansions to the range include ready-made ganged multiport coax cable assemblies, with lengths of 150, 300 or 450mm. The cable harnesses are supplied with female / jack coax connectors assembled on either one or both ends of the wires. RG178 coax cable is used in these assemblies, constructed at our Cable Assembly facility in the United States.

High Reliability

Based on Harwin’s proven high-reliability Datamate connector family, the coax connectors are designed with a single body moulding to resist extremes of shock, vibration and temperature in challenging application environments such as Defense, Aerospace, Satellites, UAVs, Undersea and more.

Secure and Easy Mating

The female connectors are equipped with hexagonal slotted jackscrews for secure fixing between connectors, and mouldings are polarised to facilitate quick, error-free mating. Vertical and horizontal orientation styles are available for the male connectors, and offer a choice of termination lengths for 1.6 and 3.2mm PCB thicknesses.

Comments the High-Reliability Product Specialist: “These new ganged coax connectors are durable enough to withstand 500 mating cycles and feature a 1.3mm contact wiping distance to ensure secure mating even under the harshest of operating conditions. Like all other members of our Datamate connector family, devices are designed to be deployed in applications where failure is not an option.”

Fixing options

New to this range, the PCB fixing options for the male PCB board mount connectors are sold separately:

Part Number Description
M80-2130000B Slotted Nut for Vertical PCB board mount
M80-2430000B Hexagonal Nut for Vertical PCB board mount
M80-2260000B Slotted 3.5mm long Bolt for Horizontal PCB board mount
M80-2270000B Slotted 5mm long Bolt for Horizontal PCB board mount
M80-2320000B Hex Socket 5mm long Bolt for Horizontal PCB board mount


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