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16th September 2013 / Wendy Jane Preston

New spring contacts added, increases design options

Spring Contacts from Harwin

1.7-7.25mm height and vertical or horizontal contact options suit wide range of application

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, has expanded its range of EZ-Spring Contacts with different contact styles and heights. Part of the EZ-BoardWare range of PCB hardware products, the surface mount Spring Contacts - also known as Spring Fingers or Grounding Contacts – are now available in 15 different sizes, ranging from 1.70mm to 7.25mm free height (1.20mm to 6.35mm minimum working height), and are suitable for both vertical and horizontal contact actions.

Designed for easy assembly onto PCBs, EZ-Spring Contacts are used as grounding or shielding contacts in contact with metal frames or shields, or even for general electrical connection between PCBs or similar. Mounted in a row, the contacts can provide an excellent RFI shielding connection for metal doors or other cabinet enclosures. The contact design ensures positive contact with the mating surface, and is tolerant to both wiping and sliding action.

Individual clips are supplied in tape and reel packaging for automated placement, and reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating time-consuming secondary assembly operations. Protected tips prevent product from hooking.

Comments Product Manager, Paul Gillam: “These EZ-Spring Contacts are ideally suited for automated applications requirements including motion control units, mobile power units, environmental monitoring systems and broadcast, comms and industrial process control equipment.”


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