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11th November 2014 / Wendy Jane Preston

New 10A hi-rel power connector from Harwin handles up to 175degC

M300 Series - Powerful, Rugged, Defies Extreme Heat

Extremely durable, designed for harsh environments

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, has launched a family of high density power connectors that can handle currents up to 10A. Based on a 3mm pitch, the new M300 connectors are designed for rugged environments and withstand twice the number of operations as older generation products.

Comments Scott Flower, Hi-Rel Product Manager, Harwin: “An increasing number of customers in applications such as defence and commercial aircraft, industrial, oil and gas exploration, satellites and UAVs are demanding a durable power connector system that delivers high performance and extreme temperature tolerance in the 5 – 10 amp range.”

M300 connectors feature a 4-fingered Beryllium Copper female contact which delivers superb electrical and mechanical performance. Devices suit 18 to 22AWG applications and are designed for use in temperatures of between -65 and +175degC and are rated for 1000 operations. They pass shock (EIA-364-27: 100g 6ms No Discontinuity >1µs) and vibration (EIA-364-28 10g No Discontinuity >1µs) testing. Jackscrews are available for extra security.

Other features include keyway polarisation and identification of the #1 position, and the connector bodies are moulded in environmentally-friendly material.

To aid design activities, Harwin provides CAD models and test reports, and live technical support is always available.

The range is officially launched at Electronica 2014, and Harwin can be located at B3.526. More information on the range can be found on the M300 Series page.


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