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2nd October 2013 / Wendy Jane Preston

Expanded range of EZ-BoardWare RFI Shield Clips suits miniature applications

EZ-BoardWare Shield Clips

Auto placement, secure retention, easy removal – eliminates hand soldering, reduces costs

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, has expanded its popular EZ-BoardWare range of surface mount RFI/EMI Shield Clips with four new sizes, enabling very small, low profile shield cans, and also miniature bus bars, to be secured to a PCB. These versatile clips are supplied on tape and reel, so automatic placement and standard SMT equipment can be used, reducing costs and improving quality. The shielding can itself is then simply pressed into place during final assembly either manually or automatically – cans may also be removed equally simply which is beneficial for rework and maintenance purposes.

The extended range of mechanically robust EZ-BoardWare RFI Shield Can Clips now comprises seven different sizes to accommodate can shield wall thicknesses of between 0.13mm and 1.0mm, and accommodates can heights down to 0.8mm high. EZ-BoardWare Shield Can Clips provide secure four-point retention to resist shock and vibration whilst ensuring excellent electrical contact. Auto placement of the clips eliminates the need for local post-assembly soldering and de-soldering operations, significantly reducing the risk of damage to the PCB. A further benefit is that the shield can style accommodated is a simple five sided box, which is more cost-effective than fence and lid types.

Comments Paul Gillam, Product Manager “These new EZ-BoardWare RFI/EMI Shield Can Clips provide a low cost, secure mounting solution for any application which requires local EMI protection on the PCB, including radio systems, wireless equipment, sat navs and many other industrial and consumer products. In combination with low cost shield cans a high level of shielding performance can be achieved.”


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