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5th January 2017 / Wendy Jane Preston

Harwin increases design choices and production flexibility with extensions to 1.27mm, 2mm and 2.54mm pitch connector ranges

Extensions to Industry Standard Connector ranges

Extended options include new connector orientation, pin counts and soldering choices on successful Industry Standard Connector ranges

Harwin has extended the number of models available in its highly successful PCB Connector ranges, including Harwin’s Archer M50 (1.27mm pitch), M22 (2mm pitch) and M20 (2.54mm pitch) interconnects.  The range extensions bring greatly increased choice to design engineers, with the extended product offerings adding new orientations, different connector pin counts and soldering methods.

Harwin expanded its choice of connection systems to suit an increased variety of PCB layouts. Additionally, all of the new surface mount connectors are available supplied in Tape & Reel packaging, for use with automated pick and place assembly.

SMT and Throughboard additions

Archer M50 connectors (1.27mm pitch) has been enhanced with:

M22, 2mm pitch Industry Standard PCB Connector range now has additional:

  • Single and double row SMT horizontal sockets,
  • Double row vertical SMT pin header with location legs, for precise board placement.

M20, 2.54mm pitch Industry Standard PCB Connector range is extended with the addition of:

  • Single and double row SMT horizontal sockets,
  • Double row vertical SMT pin header with location pegs,
  • Low-profile dual-entry vertical SMT socket.

Variety of Applications

There are applications across many markets for the new model variants, including: industrial drives, transformers and control systems; test & measurement equipment; navigation systems and marine displays; IoT applications such as smart meters, sensors and tracking.  LED light strips also benefit from the increased design and production flexibility of these new Harwin interconnects.

Industry Standard

All Harwin’s Industry Standard PCB Connectors conform to current conventions for pin header and socket systems, backed by Harwin’s renowned reputation, ensuring confidence in quality, confidence in supply (all ranges are stocked throughout the Harwin global network) and full technical support, including fast turnaround of samples on request.


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