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Interconnect Guru from Harwin

In this series, the Interconnect Guru brings you the latest innovations in connector technology from Harwin and explains how they can help engineers like you to build better systems.

The Interconnect Guru Interviews Team Sonnenwagen as they prepare for a race across the Australian outback:

Team Sonnenwagen Aachen from RWTH Aachen University race in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019, in Australia. The Interconnect Guru caught up with them to find out what drives the team’s motivation and what lessons they’ve learnt from last year that will help them to gain a top placement.

The Interconnect Guru looks at common challenges engineers face when selecting connectors for use in industrial environments:

In the Drives and Controls market, equipment and machinery can be subjected to prolonged vibrational forces that could cause disruption to electrical connections within. The Interconnect Guru looks at other common challenges in this market and describes why the features of the M225 connectors can help to solve these problems.

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