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Interconnect Guru from Harwin

In this series, the Interconnect Guru brings you the latest innovations in connector technology from Harwin and explains how they can help engineers like you to build better systems.

Interconnect Guru: Kona 60A Power Connectors

Let the Interconnect Guru guide you through the highlights of the powerful Kona connector from Harwin. At 60A per contact with shock and vibration resistance, these compact High-Reliability connectors pack in the power. Thumbscrews and polarization make these reliable connections easy to use.

Read more about Kona         View the Kona range

Interconnect Guru: Gecko v Micro-D connectors

Although the Micro-D connector has been popular for miniaturized and demanding applications, its size and reduced options are limiting. Gecko features all the benefits of a modern micro-connection system, with improved size, weight and performance.

Read more about Gecko v Micro-D         View the Gecko range

Interconnect Guru: Connectors for SWaP-based designs

This episode covers the challenges of #SWaP – Size, Weight and Power – in high-reliability applications. The Interconnect Guru explains the benefits of the 1.25mm pitch Gecko-SL range of connectors for demanding environments. Save space and weight without sacrificing power or performance.

Read more about Gecko connectors          View the Gecko connectors range

Interconnect Guru: Prevent failure in harsh environment industrial applications

In this episode, the Interconnect Guru presents Archer Kontrol series which is designed to prevent connection failure in industrial drives, factory automation equipment, data loggers & industrial IoT hardware.

Read more about Archer Kontrol          View the Archer Kontrol range

Interconnect Guru: the smallest & lightest mixed-layout connector ǀ Gecko-MT

In this episode, the Interconnect Guru highlights all the great benefits that make the new Gecko-MT – mixed-technology high reliability connector – unique.

Read more about Gecko-MT          View the Gecko-MT range

Interconnect Guru: Interviews Team Sonnenwagen as they prep for a race across the Australian outback

Team Sonnenwagen Aachen from RWTH Aachen University race in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019, in Australia. The Interconnect Guru caught up with them to find out what drives the team’s motivation and what lessons they’ve learnt from last year that will help them to gain a top placement.

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