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Deeside, Wales, UK

What torque should be used for securing M80 jackscrews?

The recommended torque and detailed isntructions on jackscrew use is given in the Component Specification for the Datamate range. Please navigate to Appendix 5 - page 14. It covers both mating jackscrews, and board mounting fixing torques.


Albuquerque, NM, USA

Datamate Mix-Tek M80-5000000M3-10-332-00-000 - what is the contact identification?

The pin numbering (or contact identification) is given in the Component Specification for the Datamate range. There is also an FAQ on this question, which covers all Harwin ranges.


San Diego, CA, USA

Where do I find the pin number 1 for M80-6912098?

Pin numbering guides are shown in the Component Specification where applicable - for this product, that is Component Specification C005xx. We have an FAQ on this question you can read for more information.


Zeuthen, Germany

What is the typical pin tolerance for the 0.4x0.4mm pin on the Archer connector M50-3552042?

Typically, on all male square pins, the tolerance of the pin size itself will be +/-0.025mm. These pin headers are generally made from extruded wire which normally has tighter tolerances than this, but we allow a little more to include plating processes.


Bangalore, India

Are B5740-214-F-C-2 and M80-8881405 the same product?

B5740-214-F-C-2 and M80-8881405 are identical products in performance, shape and finish. The M80-8881405 and piece parts are subject to standard batch testing and inspection. But the B5740-214-F-C-2 is released to the British Standard 9525 F0033, which means 100% inspection, additional batch and yearly testing. See our Quality page for applicable certificates.


Chennai, India

How should I assign Pin numbers for M50-3200445 and M50-3500442 connectors?

For our Industrial connectors, generally we do not specify pin numbering - you are free to number the contacts in whatever order you wish. You can find more detail on this subject on the FAQ page on pin numbering.

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