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Glendale, Arizona, USA

How do I request samples of M80-001?

Just go to the Sample Request form - the link is in the top right of the website, on every page. In the Part Number box, type M80-001. Select the Quantity you need, and your EAU. Then press Add Sample to add this line to your shopping list. Press Next to proceed to your postal details, fill these in and press Submit. You will receive an email about your request, and then we will be in touch.



On a product page, what does the 'Active' (with green tick mark) mean? Is it in production or built to order?

The 'Active' label (as on M80-8881005) means that the product has not been made obsolete. It could either be made-to-order, stocked or even in production right now, but it should be available for quotation from our authorized distributors. Obsolete items show a different mark and a date they were made obsolete (see M20-9701006).



For the M80-400000000-06-32C-00-000 right angle female cable connector kit, can the wire exit in either direction?

Yes, that's correct. The contacts for the M80-400000000-06-32C-00-000 are supplied loose, and you assemble them, so you can put them in either direction (with or away from the polarization) - or a mixture of both, as you require!


Goleta, USA

For the M300 series, is there a kit part number with housings and contacts, or do I order these separately?

In the M300 range, the contacts and housings are only available separately. There is no assembly kit part number available. By holding the product like this, we avoid an increase in the amount of part numbers that we need to list or stock.


Zand, Germany

Shield can clips S0951-46R are rated to 0.2mm shield can thickness - can they be used for 0.3mm shield can thickness?

There are a number of risks using S0951-46R shield can clips for a larger can than rated - the beams could overstress, then relax and fail in the field, or you might bend/damage the can trying to insert it into the clips. We would strongly recommend that you need a larger clip, rated for 0.3mm, such as S1711-46R. You are free to test the product yourself, of course - you can request samples to test.


Stevenage, UK

What is the mating connector for G125-FS11605L0R?

We have a variety of mating options, depending on what latching, fixing and orientation you need. You can see a complete list of the mating options on the product page for the G125-FS11605L0R - once you click on the link, look down the right-hand side for the Mating Products box.

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