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Hericourt, France

Is M22-2040405 suitable for pin-in-paste?

We use the same housing material for this throughboard connector that we do for the Surface Mount version, so we see no reason why these connectors should not be suitable for pin-in-paste soldering processes - it will withstand reflow temperatures.


Saint Malo, France

Is M50-3600542 available in tape and reel?

Yes, the part number is M50-3600542R. If there is a tape and reel option available for a product, it is shown under the "Related Products" section of the product page.


Bengaluru, India

What is the mated height for G125-FS13405L0P?

Mated Height information is shown on the product page, under the tab "Dimensions". You will see a box to download the relevant catalog page. This will give you all the different mating heights for this connector, depending on what you mate it with.


Carson, CA

How can I tell which connector I have from M80-788, M80-888 or M80-889?

The difference is the contact - the housings will be the same across all 3 designs. M80-889 uses the large bore (22AWG) contact M80-0110005 or M80-0110001, which has no ident ring. M80-888 uses the small bore (24-28AWG) contact M80-0130005 or M80-0130001, which has 1 ident ring. M80-788 uses the extra small bore (28-32AWG) contact M80-0190005 or M80-0190001, which has 2 ident rings.


New Haven, CT, USA

Where do I find your ISO 9001 and/or AS9100 certificate?

Our Quality Management certificates are available for download from the Quality page, under Technical Resource. The certificate is a combined certificate issues by the British Standards Authority, which covers both ISO 9001 and EN9100 (AS9100).


Hatfield, PA, USA

Is there a recommended pin out for the M50-3200545?

We have an FAQ on pin numbering that might help, but basically, there is no set pin numbering, you can use whatever system you like - or none at all. Although the part may have a pin 1 indicator that you can use as a starting reference, we do not define any numbering system for this range.

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