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I'm looking for the weights of M80-4C10205F1-04-325-00-000 and M80-5T10205M2-04-331-00-000?

The weights are given on the Product pages for the items, under the sub-heading "Materials". M80-4C10205F1-04-325-00-000 is 2.91g, and M80-5T10205M2-04-331-00-000 is 2.555g.


Kongsberg, Norway

How many points of contact on the the M20-1180042 crimp contact?

The M20-1180042 contact has 2 points of contact. There is one active beam at the front, which pushes on the mating male pin to make contact with the active beam, and also with the inside of the back of the contact.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Can I use M80-4652005 connector with 24AWG wire?

This connector uses contacts that take 22AWG only. You need the kit that takes 24-28AWG - part number M80-4662005. Or, if you only want a few contacts at 24AWG, you can use the 24-28AWG contacts M80-0130005 in the same housing.

Girish pandiyan


I need a 32 pin smd pcb board to board connector. The stackup height is 7.5mm. It should be as small as possible and withstand vibration . Can you suggest any part?

I'd recommend G125-FS13405F1P mating to G125-MS13405M2P for product with screw-locks; or G125-FS13405L0P mating to G125-MS13405L3P for latching product. Click here for the full Gecko range. I'm afraid we don't have 32 contacts in these ranges.



what is the mass (weight) of G125-FS12005L0P?

To find the weight on the G125-FS12005L0P product page, it is located under the Materials sub-heading. The individual weight of this item is 0.636g.

Clarajean DeLuca

Nevada City, CA USA

We would like to buy shield clip kits?

The shield can kit is part number S01-806005KIT. It is currently available from a number of distributors - for USA you can contact Digi-Key or Mouser. Click here for the list of stock.

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