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Manchester, UK

Is there an alternative to H2102B01 for the same board thickness?

You can see our full range of terminal pins in this section of the catalog. One of our technical engineers will also be in touch to help you identify the closest match to your requirements.



What is the recommended material thickness for clip S0991-46R?

The recommended material thickness for use with the S0991-46R clip is 0.20 to 0.25mm thick - that's 0.008 to 0.010 inch thickness. We use 0.2mm thick as one of our standard material thicknesses for shield cans, but it may also be possible to locate 0.25mm material thickness shield cans. If you need to use a different material thickness to these, you'll need to use a different SMT clip.


Merrimack, NH, USA

For M80-4861005A can we use the M80-0190005 contacts in place of supplied contacts?

Yes you can. Crimp contacts M80-01100xx, M80-01300xx and M80-01900xx all fit in the same housings, and are therefore interchangeable. You can even mix them within the same housing if you wish. Just make sure you use the right crimp tool setting for each contact.


Oxford, UK

What mating pins can I use with the H3161-XX sockets?

The mating pins are show on the Product Page, e.g. https://www.harwin.com/products/H3161-01/. Scroll down to see the Mating product section. Each picture links to the terminal pin's product page, where you can then access the technical drawings and other information. Any other pin with a 1mm diameter will also be suitable.



Do you have a sales channel in Turkey?

We have a number of global authorised distributors, many of which can supply to Turkey. You can see the complete list on our authorised distributor page. Sorry, but we do not have a Harwin contact within Turkey.


United States

What instruction sheets do I need for crimping & extracting M80-2960042?

There are two instruction sheets - IS-27 for the crimping operation, and IS-28 for the extraction operation. You can find these listed in the Technical Documentation section of the product page for M80-2960042.



Where do I obtain RoHS statements for items such as H2051-01?

Just type the part number into Search - this will take you to the product page. On this page, scroll down and open up the section labelled "Environmental Compliance" - you will see the link for the RoHS statement in this section, along with other relevant Environmental Legislation documents.


Bozeman, MT, USA

What is the recommended board mount female through-hole socket for jumper link D3086-99?

The mating individual PCB sockets that are compatible with D3086-99 are shown on the product page for this item. Scroll down to the Mating Products section for a sideways-scrolling list of compatible sockets. Any of our 1mm PCB sockets are compatible - you can also see them in our Sockets Catalog section.


Eden Prairie, MN, USA

What is the gold plating thickness on the pins that solder into the board on M80-5T10805M1-02-331-00-000?

We have an FAQ on plating thicknesses for all our High-Reliability connectors (Datamate, Gecko, M300) - on this page, you can download statements that cover the different contacts and finishes, and their plating thicknesses. Signal pins are 0.75-0.90 microns (30-36µ") gold, and power pins 0.25-0.30 microns (10-12µ") gold.


Michigan, USA

What is the throughboard equivalent for part number M50-3100545?

The throughboard socket we have in this range is the M50-3000545. It is actually very similar in height to the M50-3100545, so should be a suitable option for you.


Torrance, CA, USA

What is the equivalent item to M80-5621205 except with a socket, cross recess or knurled head?

The part you need is M80-5821205 - this item has a hex socket head (suitable for allen keys and hex drivers such as Z9953-00 or Z9951-00). All other features are the same.


The Netherlands

What is the recommended footprint for the S1951-46R?

The recommended footprint or PCB Layout for the SMT pad is given in the Technical Drawing / Datasheet for S1951-46R. This is located on the Product page, under Technical Documentation: https://cdn.harwin.com/pdfs/S1951R.pdf, For this item, the recommended PCB pad is 4.6 x 5.7mm.


Toowong, Australia

What is the pin assignment for C90-3102R10SL-3S?

The pin assignment for C90-3102R10SL-3S is shown on the Catalog introduction page for C90, and the Component Specification for the range. You can also see an FAQ on pin numbering here.


United Kingdom

Is the housing for M80-8881005 the same as M80-8891005 - do both small bore and large bore contacts fit it?

Yes, it is exactly the same housing used for both M80-8881005 and M80-8891005 crimp connector kits. This is the same across the Datamate, Gecko and M300 ranges as a whole - large, small and extra small signal contacts will all fit in the same housings. The only ones that cannot be mixed are Datamate L-Tek and J-Tek male crimp contacts - these are different designs.


Shanghai, China

Which distributor has stock of R30-4000402?

To find out the available stocks at any of our authorized distributors, search for the part number to find the product page (i.e. R30-4000402). Click on the red Availability button. You will see a list of distributors and their individual stocks. If there is stock at Harwin Europe, any of our authorized distributors can purchase those for you.


Round Lack, IL, USA

I need the RoHS certificate for M55-7102042R part?

All our RoHS statements are located on the individual product pages. Search for M55-7102042R, scroll down to the area labelled Environmental Compliance, open this section, and you will see the RoHS statement listed. If you have any questions on or issues relating to the statement, please contact the Compliance Team.



Is the current rating of 13 amps for C90-3102R14S-2P per pin?

Yes, the current rating of 13A is per pin - each pin is capable of 13A. However, the more pins at 13A, the more heat generated (we normally use a 30 degree temperature rise as the limiting factor). You would need to test to find your maximum current depending on your current loading and ambient temperature.


Göttingen, Germany

What is the specific weight of M20-8760842P?

Weights for items can be found on the product page, under the Materials tab. For M20-8760842P, this is 1.364g.



What is the reel width for the SMT Jumper link S1621-46R?

The reel width for S1621-46R is 24mm. This is shown on the Technical Drawing/Datasheet. This will be the same for other tape and reeled items too - the tape dimensions will be on the relevant Technical Drawing, available from the Product Page or from the Technical Drawings page in Downloads.



What is the recommended and max torque for the board mount bolts on M83-LML3M7NXX-0000-000?

The recommended torque for the board mount bolts is stated in the Datamate Component Specification as 21±2cmN (see page 14 of that document).



What is the pin numbering order for M50-3552042?

We have an FAQ on pin numbering that might help, but basically, there is no set pin numbering, you can use whatever system you like - or none at all. Although the part may have a pin 1 indicator that you can use as a starting reference, we do not define any numbering system for this range.


Neu-Anspach, Germany

Why is there no voltage rating for single contacts, like S7091-42R or S7081-42R?

Voltage rating is calculated from the flashover voltage - the voltage at which the electricity can break down the air gap and jump between two contacts. With a single contact, the voltage rating you achieve will depend on the space you leave between two contacts, or a contact and any other conducting element. So we are unable to give a voltage rating for single contacts.


Gdynia, Poland

Are the G125-2042696L0 connectors sold together with female crimp contacts?

The G125-2042696L0 is just the crimp housing, it does not include the contacts. As you can see on the product page, there is a choice of loose crimp contacts (G125-0010005 for 26 AWG, G125-0020005 for 28-32 AWG) and pre-wired crimp contacts (G125-FW series) that you can purchase separately.


Dallas, TX, USA

What is the recommended cable type for the C90-3106F10SL-4S connector?

The recommended cable size for the C90-3106F10SL-4S connector is 16-22AWG - this is stated on the product page and the Technical Drawing. We do not have any specific recommendations on cable type - this range is based on the same physical dimensions and specifications as MIL-DTL-5015, so any cable compatible with this standard will work for these connectors.


Salisbury, MD, USA

What is the manual crimp tool for the M40-1000046?

Sorry, but there is no manual crimp tool for the M40-1000046, it is just too small a crimp. We can supply pre-cabled contacts (the M40-9 series), or you can ask us to quote for a complete cable assembly. Otherwise, you would need to contact a crimp machine supplier and commission crimp tooling for an automatic or semi-automatic machine.


Tucson, AZ, USA

What is the mating connector for M80-5401642, with jackscrews and 26AWG contacts?

The part you need is M80-4611642, second on the Mating Products list for M80-5401642. It covers 24-28AWG, which includes 26AWG. If you prefer to have hex socketed jackscrew heads rather than slotted, there is also M80-4811642.


Newbury, UK

Do you do a 1mm female board socket that allows for a longer pin than H3183-05, at 4.6mm?

We have two open-ended sockets that will allow for longer pins - the longest closed 1mm socket we have will only accept 5mm. The two open-ended ones are H3185-05 and H3169-05. You can see the complete range in the Sockets section of the catalog.


Alexandroupolis, Greece

Do the Gecko connectors (G125) include loose contacts in a standard package (like the M80 series)?

No, in the Gecko range, all contacts and housings are sold separately, there are no part numbers for kits of crimps + housings. This is so that stock holding becomes simpler, and you can specify whether to buy loose contacts or pre-cabled contacts with your housings.


Clifton, NJ, USA

What is the part number of the contacts used in the M80-888 series of connectors?

The contact part number is M80-0130005 or M80-0130001, depending on which contact shell finish you require. To find the exact spare contact you need, have a look at the product page for the connector (e.g. M80-8881005) and it is given in the text at the top, and under Related Products. NOTE: you only need to order these if you need spare contacts - M80-888 comes with contacts.


Hericourt, France

Is M22-2040405 suitable for pin-in-paste?

We use the same housing material for this throughboard connector that we do for the Surface Mount version, so we see no reason why these connectors should not be suitable for pin-in-paste soldering processes - it will withstand reflow temperatures.


Saint Malo, France

Is M50-3600542 available in tape and reel?

Yes, the part number is M50-3600542R. If there is a tape and reel option available for a product, it is shown under the "Related Products" section of the product page.


Bengaluru, India

What is the mated height for G125-FS13405L0P?

Mated Height information is shown on the product page, under the tab "Dimensions". You will see a box to download the relevant catalog page. This will give you all the different mating heights for this connector, depending on what you mate it with.


Carson, CA

How can I tell which connector I have from M80-788, M80-888 or M80-889?

The difference is the contact - the housings will be the same across all 3 designs. M80-889 uses the large bore (22AWG) contact M80-0110005 or M80-0110001, which has no ident ring. M80-888 uses the small bore (24-28AWG) contact M80-0130005 or M80-0130001, which has 1 ident ring. M80-788 uses the extra small bore (28-32AWG) contact M80-0190005 or M80-0190001, which has 2 ident rings.


New Haven, CT, USA

Where do I find your ISO 9001 and/or AS9100 certificate?

Our Quality Management certificates are available for download from the Quality page, under Technical Resource. The certificate is a combined certificate issues by the British Standards Authority, which covers both ISO 9001 and EN9100 (AS9100).


Hatfield, PA, USA

Is there a recommended pin out for the M50-3200545?

We have an FAQ on pin numbering that might help, but basically, there is no set pin numbering, you can use whatever system you like - or none at all. Although the part may have a pin 1 indicator that you can use as a starting reference, we do not define any numbering system for this range.


Denny, Scotland

What is the pin numbering / pin out on M22-3070400?

For most of our commercial/industrial/PCB connectors, we do not specify a pin numbering system - this is only on our High-Reliability systems generally. So the M22 series can be pin numbered by yourselves, or to any pin numbering system you wish to use. You can read more on our FAQ on pin numbering.


Gräfenhausen, Germany

What's the tolerance of the height 1.15mm of the test point S2761-46R?

The tolerance on the height is the general tolerance, given in the "Tolerances" box at the bottom of the Technical Drawing. In this case, it is ±0.10mm.


Louisville, USA

Are all of the odd contacts on the same row for the M80-4613405?

The pin numbering for the Datamate J-Tek products goes along one row, then starts again and goes along the second row. You can see the full details in the Datamate Component Specification C005xx. We have an FAQ on pin numbering that may also help.


Tokyo, Japan

Where can I find cable assembly services for your connectors?

Please be advised that we can offer cable assembly services for our connectors. You can log your request on our Cable Assembly page. Or you can contact your regional Harwin Sales office directly, and one of our team will assist you.


Santa Clara, CA, USA

How do I find the latest REACH update?

The latest REACH statement is the first document on the Legislation page. This statement is up to date to the latest REACH SVHC, Annex 14 and Annex 17 lists. The statement covers all active standard products (those listed in the website) - if you need information on a customer special product, please contact [email protected].


Saint Malo, France

Is it possible to buy the part M20-8770442 packed in tape and reel?

Yes, the part number for the product in Tape and Reel (with pick and place caps) is M20-8770442R. If you click on this link to the product page, you can see the availability of stock at our authorised distributors.



Archer Kontrol - High performance PCB connector: Do you have a compability overview to Erni SMC?

We do have a Test Report on the compatibility testing that we have carried out with this competitor and two others. You can download the test report from the product page, or direct from this link.


Tucson, AZ, USA

What is the gold plating thickness on M50-4300645 contacts, and are the contact tails also gold plated?

Yes the whole contact is gold plated over nickel - contact area and SMT tails. The thickness is typically 0.03-0.10µm (1.2-4.0µ") gold, over 0.8-2.0µm (30-80µ").


Watertown, MA, USA

What is the minimum pin insertion depth for H3183-XX?

The maximum contact depth on H3183-xx is 3.55 mm.  Your mating pin, at the full diameter point, should meet this depth to maintain full performance specfication. Therefore, you need to add the length of the round or chamfered tip of your mating pin to that dimension to determine your minimum pin insertion depth.


Holon, Israel

What are the pin numbers for M50-4300645?

Pin numbering guides are shown in the Component Specification where applicable - for this product, we do not specify the pin numbering. You are free to number the pin numbers to whatever system you prefer. We have an FAQ on this question you can read for more information.


Brockton, USA

What is the maximum current rating for S1621-46R?

The recommended maximum current is 10A, which you can see on the product page for S1621-46R. You can also download the Technical Drawing from this page, which confirms this rating.


Longmont, CO, USA

Can P/N M80-0110005 be used with M80-4C10405F2-04-328-00-000?

Yes it can. M80-4C10405F2-04-328-00-000 is supplied with M80-0130005 signal contacts as standard - but any of these can be swapped out for M80-0110005 (or M80-0190005 or M80-2060005). The female signal barrel contacts are interchangeable and fit the same housings, only the crimp bores are different sizes.


Logan, Utah, USA

How do you tell pin 1 on M50-4701645?

Pin numbering guides are shown in the Component Specification where applicable - for this product, we do not specify the pin numbering. You are free to number the pin numbers to whatever system you prefer. We have an FAQ on this question you can read for more information.


Baltimore, MD, USA

Where is pin 1 on connector M80-4611642?

Pin numbering guides are shown in the Component Specification where applicable - for this product, that is Component Specification C005xx. We have an FAQ on this question you can read for more information.


Deeside, Wales, UK

What torque should be used for securing M80 jackscrews?

The recommended torque and detailed isntructions on jackscrew use is given in the Component Specification for the Datamate range. Please navigate to Appendix 5 - page 14. It covers both mating jackscrews, and board mounting fixing torques.


Albuquerque, NM, USA

Datamate Mix-Tek M80-5000000M3-10-332-00-000 - what is the contact identification?

The pin numbering (or contact identification) is given in the Component Specification for the Datamate range. There is also an FAQ on this question, which covers all Harwin ranges.


San Diego, CA, USA

Where do I find the pin number 1 for M80-6912098?

Pin numbering guides are shown in the Component Specification where applicable - for this product, that is Component Specification C005xx. We have an FAQ on this question you can read for more information.


Zeuthen, Germany

What is the typical pin tolerance for the 0.4x0.4mm pin on the Archer connector M50-3552042?

Typically, on all male square pins, the tolerance of the pin size itself will be +/-0.025mm. These pin headers are generally made from extruded wire which normally has tighter tolerances than this, but we allow a little more to include plating processes.


Bangalore, India

Are B5740-214-F-C-2 and M80-8881405 the same product?

B5740-214-F-C-2 and M80-8881405 are identical products in performance, shape and finish. The M80-8881405 and piece parts are subject to standard batch testing and inspection. But the B5740-214-F-C-2 is released to the British Standard 9525 F0033, which means 100% inspection, additional batch and yearly testing. See our Quality page for applicable certificates.


Chennai, India

How should I assign Pin numbers for M50-3200445 and M50-3500442 connectors?

For our Industrial connectors, generally we do not specify pin numbering - you are free to number the contacts in whatever order you wish. You can find more detail on this subject on the FAQ page on pin numbering.


Tamil Nadu, India

How many mating cycles are specified for M50-3200445 and M50-3500442?

Mating cycles are given as Durability ratings on Technical Drawings, including the M50-3200445 and M50-3500442 products. Both are rated for 300 mating cycles durability.


's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

How many mating cycles are specified for S7131-45R?

This product is rated for 10,000 mating cycles - you can see this rating on the Technical Drawing in the Specifications, listed as durability.


Woking, Surrey

On extended backwall M80 connectors (e.g. M80-4662605A), what is the recommended potting material?

We have currently evaluated 3 compounds: Stycast 2651MM + Cat 9 (up to 130°C max), Robnor Resins PX439XS/BK/250 (up to 175°C max) and Epoxies Innovative Bonding Solutions 50-3122RBK. These are the three we have tried in-house, but I'm sure many other epoxy resin compounds would also prove suitable.


Moscow, Russian Federation

Where do I find the RoHS certificate for M22-7141042?

Navigate to the page for M22-7141042 (by using the Search bar). Scroll down and click on the sub-heading "Environmental compliance". The RoHS and REACH statement links will then appear.


Seattle, WA, USA

Does a male crimp pin exist for the M22 series housings?

Sorry, no, we do not have any male crimp options in the M22 series. The only male crimp we have at 2mm pitch is in the Datamate series, which is high-reliability and a different shape to M22. You can browse the range from the Datamate page, or download the complete Datamate section of the catalog.


Saint-Petersburg, Russia

What are the U-shaped plugs supplied with M80-8420242?

These U-shaped plugs (that look like staples) are throughboard hold-down straps, supplied with all horizontal male Datamate J-Tek. You can see them shown red in the inset picture on the catalog page, and we have a Product Training Module on their use. It can also be used with vertical male J-Tek, purchased under part number M80-0030006.


Glendale, Arizona, USA

How do I request samples of M80-001?

Just go to the Sample Request form - the link is in the top right of the website, on every page. In the Part Number box, type M80-001. Select the Quantity you need, and your EAU. Then press Add Sample to add this line to your shopping list. Press Next to proceed to your postal details, fill these in and press Submit. You will receive an email about your request, and then we will be in touch.



On a product page, what does the 'Active' (with green tick mark) mean? Is it in production or built to order?

The 'Active' label (as on M80-8881005) means that the product has not been made obsolete. It could either be made-to-order, stocked or even in production right now, but it should be available for quotation from our authorized distributors. Obsolete items show a different mark and a date they were made obsolete (see M20-9701006).



For the M80-400000000-06-32C-00-000 right angle female cable connector kit, can the wire exit in either direction?

Yes, that's correct. The contacts for the M80-400000000-06-32C-00-000 are supplied loose, and you assemble them, so you can put them in either direction (with or away from the polarization) - or a mixture of both, as you require!


Goleta, USA

For the M300 series, is there a kit part number with housings and contacts, or do I order these separately?

In the M300 range, the contacts and housings are only available separately. There is no assembly kit part number available. By holding the product like this, we avoid an increase in the amount of part numbers that we need to list or stock.


Zand, Germany

Shield can clips S0951-46R are rated to 0.2mm shield can thickness - can they be used for 0.3mm shield can thickness?

There are a number of risks using S0951-46R shield can clips for a larger can than rated - the beams could overstress, then relax and fail in the field, or you might bend/damage the can trying to insert it into the clips. We would strongly recommend that you need a larger clip, rated for 0.3mm, such as S1711-46R. You are free to test the product yourself, of course - you can request samples to test.


Stevenage, UK

What is the mating connector for G125-FS11605L0R?

We have a variety of mating options, depending on what latching, fixing and orientation you need. You can see a complete list of the mating options on the product page for the G125-FS11605L0R - once you click on the link, look down the right-hand side for the Mating Products box.



Who are your authorized distributors in China?

To find the list of authorized distributors in China, navigate to the Authorized Distributors page (located under Contact in the top menu). Choose China from the "By Country" list, and it will immediately return the list of authorized distributors working in that country.


Hastings, UK

Can you offer a 2.54mm pitch R/A Single Row 3mm PC Tail, 3mm mating pin length connector?

Our part number for this item would be M20-030030H36xx, part of the M20-xxxxxxHxxxx Pin Header Variant range. The xx on the end would be either 45 for gold finish, or 46 for tin. These items are made-to-order with an MOQ, so please contact [email protected] or your normal authorized distributor with your required volume, to see if we can quote.


Barcelona, Spain

Can you advise price and delivery on (list deleted)?

We supply the vast majority of our customers across the globe through our extensive authorized distributor network. Please read our FAQ on this topic, and contact one of our distributors for your quotation.


Daejeon, South Korea

Where is page 1 of R30-300.pdf?

All our drawings are combined drawings - the first pages are production-only pages, the last pages are customer-only pages. By keeping them on the same drawing number, we ensure that any changes are carried out on both the production and customer drawings. There is a fuller explanation on the FAQ on this topic.



Is there a common socket for P20-0445R?

These items are not fixed pin, they are sprung contacts. As such, they are not suitable to mate with sockets. We would recommend our flat SMT Contact pads - you can see the complete range on this Catalog page. Or, you can use any exposed conductive surface.


Santa Clara, CA, USA

What is the UL File Number for M22-2540405?

Pleae be advised that we do not have UL file numbers for the complete products - however, we can advise the UL file numbers for the plastics used. For this item, it is QMFZ2.E52579, and you are looking for the entry on Arlen E430N in this file. If you need any others, please email [email protected] for assistance.


Fullerto, CA

What is your CAGE code?

Our CAGE code is K0536 - you can find this listed on our Quality Page, or on the FAQ page on our Approvals.


Hemel Hempstead, UK

Where do I find the datasheet for Sycamore SMT contacts?

The four part numbers of the Sycamore Contacts are S9111-45R, S9121-45R, S9131-45R and S9141-45R. Each of those links will take you to the Product page - scroll down to the Literature sub-section. The Technical Drawing will be the first link. You can also find information on the range on the Product Training Module.


Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

What is the mating connector for M80-4000000F1-02-325-00-000?

To find the mating connectors for any item, please look at the Product page (found by searching for the part number) - here is the page for M80-4000000F1-02-325-00-000. Listed down the right hand side are the mating options - and there may be a button to View More, some have many options. Use Live Chat or email if you need help selecting.


Rosenheim, Germany

Do you have connectors (such as M80-6131242) with already inserted cable?

We have pre-cabled single contacts (single-ended and double-ended) for 22-28AWG wire sizes, and you will need tool Z80-280 to assemble these. Alternatively, we can offer our Cable Assembly service, which can do complete cable assemblies to your requirements, no MOQ and fast leadtimes. Please use the form on our Cable Assembly page.


Pasadena, CA

Are the M50-4302045 interchangeable with the M50-3102045?

The M50-4302045 and M50-3102045 do share the same SMT tail design, vertical height, width and length. So, the M50-430 can be replaced with the M50-310. The M50-430 has additional location pegs and polarisation feature, and the M50-310 is a plain connector with neither feature.


Huntsville Al

What is Harwin's mailing address?

All our mailing addresses are listed on the Contact page. Please make sure you communicate with the relevant office for your region. I would also advise email or telephone first, to check you are sending a physical item to the right location/person.


Hebbal, India

Please can you advise the end-of-life expectancy for M300-MV10345M1?

We do not have any plans to discontinue this range, as it is part of our expanding High-Reliability portfolio. Therefore, this item has an end of life (EOL) expectancy greater than 10 years


Nashua NH, USA

Do you supply ESD Conductive caps for cable connectors M80-4000000F2-08-325-00-000 and M80-5000000MB-04-335-00-000?

Sorry, but we do not have any protective caps available for the Datamate range, including these two connectors. I can only suggest that you would need to get these custom made to your requirements somewhere - we would not be able to help with this unfortunately.


Kingston, Australia

Is it possible to get extended wall cable connectors for the Mix-Tek range?

Sory, but this feature is not currently available on the rear of the Datamate Mix-Tek connectors. We currently only have this feature on the signal-only Datamate J-Tek, and also the Gecko and M300 ranges.


Coventry, UK

Looking for a male/male Brass Hexagonal Pillars 9mm body length?

The part number would be R30-4000902 - however, as you can see from this page there is no stock, as this length is not popular. Perhaps you could consider using the 8mm version R30-4000802 and add washers to increase the length, as there is stock in distribution.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

I need 15 pieces of M50-4901745 for a prototype build, but there is no stock - how can I order?

Unfortunately 17+17-contacts is not a popular size, and would need to be ordered to MOQ and lead-time with one of our distributors. You may wish to consider a more popular size - the 20+20-contact (M50-4902045) connector has stock available - click on the "Availability" button to see the stock location.


Scottsdale, AZ

What potting material do you recommend using in the potting wells for your Datamate and Gecko SL connector series?

We currently can recommend 3 materials that we have tried - although it's very likely that many others are entirely suitable. We can recommend Stycast 2651MM with Catalyst 9, Robnor Resins PX439XS/BK/250 or Epoxies Innovative Bonding Solutions 50-3122RBK.


Eden Priarie, MN

Where do I find the RoHS statement for M20-1060600 Housing?

All the RoHS statements for any product are on their Product Page, which you can locate using Search. Click on M20-1060600, scroll down and click on the sub-heading "Environmental compliance". You will then see the link to download the RoHS statement. More information is given on our FAQ page for RoHS.


McFarland, WI

Is positioner T5747 the same as positioner Z80-291?

No, positioner T5747 is not the same as positioner Z80-291. T5747 is designed to locate the female signal crimps for Datamate in the correct position in the crimp tool - Z80-291 is for the inner contact of the Coax crimp contacts. The bore on each is different - please compare the Technical Drawings.


Poway, California

We are working with M80-5000000M2-04-331-00-000 - what does the 331 refer to?

The 331 refers to the male power contact. It is possible to see this contact separately, the part number for the contact by itself is M80-331. Follow this link to access the contact product page, and there will be further data on this contact.


Bangalore, India

Are connectors M80-8630442 & M80-8890405 tested for vibration / shock / bump / acceleration as mated items?

M80-863 is a friction latch Datamate L-Tek, we only recommend locking latches for vibration. Please use M80-8530442 instead. We test male PCB to female PCB, as the weight of an attached cable would heavily influence the results, and cause wide variation. You'll need to do your own testing for your specific cable layout.


Toronto, Canada

How do I request samples of M80-5130842P and M80-5132642P?

Please use the Sample Basket. Enter the part numbers, quantity and EAU (remember to press "Add to Samples" after each line). Press Next, complete the rest of the form, press Submit, and we will receive your sample request here.

Aravinth R

Chennai, India

What is the weight (mass) of the part M83-LMT1M3N54-0000-000?

To find the weight on the M83-LMT1M3N54-0000-000 product page, it is located under the Materials sub-heading. The individual weight of this item is 3.87g.


Fredrik Karlemon


Is the plastic used in M20-9774046 UL94 rated for burning rate, and if so what class?

The plastic in almost all our connectors is UL94V-0 rated - check the relevant Technical Drawing for confirmation. If you would like the UL file number, please contact [email protected] directly.


Gloucester, UK

I have registered using the wrong email address - how do I change it?

Unfortunately the web platform we use does not allow for email addresses to be changed once registered. However, as there is no history connected to accounts, just re-register again using the correct email - and contact [email protected] to delete the old account.



I need to lift M83-LML3M7N36-000-00 slightly off the PCB - do you have any spacers that I could position under the connector prior to soldering?

Unfortunately, we do not have anything designed for this purpose - you would need to have something specially made for this requirement, sorry.


Arizona, USA

I am using the M80-4614242 - what is the grade of Stainless Steel used on the Jackscrew circlip?

I can confirm that the Stainess Steel grade used is DIN 1.4122 (X39CrMo17-1), a martensitic grade from standard EN 10088-2. It appears to be a variant of grade 420, according to cogne.co.uk.


Toronto, Canada

I cannot find shield SO1-30200500 on the websites of your distributors, but the part appears to be standard, judging by your catalogue?

Firstly, please check you are quoting the part number correctly - it is S01 (S-Zero-One), not SO1 (S-Oh-1). Secondly, our Product page S01-30200500 shows direct links to distributors with stock, just click on the red "Show Stock" button. If you wish to use a different distributor, please make sure they are an authorized distributor.


Farningdale, NY, USA

What's the plated thru hole size for terminal lug, H9051-01? We normally add .015-.018" to the pin, but the drawing states 1.83-1.88mm for a 1.02mm dia. pin?

For H9051-01, the recommended final hole size is 1.83-1.88mm dia (plated or unplated). This is to fit around the part of the pin that is 1.83-1.78mm dia., not the 1.02mm pin. If you intend to use a different part of the terminal in the PCB, feel free to use your normal method of hole calculation.

Joong-hyuk, Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Do you have any plans to make D01-9971842 obsolete?

No, there are no plans to make D01-9971842 obsolete at this time - it is still an active part. However, it is non-stocked, so please remember the product will be subject to lead-time and MOQ when you are ready to order.



Do you have this part in stock that we can purchase, or can you quote: M80-8530845 Qty 400 pcs?

There is no stock of M80-8530845 anywhere at this time, but there is stock of M80-8530842 available (tin on tails instead of gold). Press "View Stock" to see all the distributors with stock - they can quote on this part for you.


Ringaskiddy, Ireland

What torque should be used for mating jackscrew connector types, such as the M83 series connectors?

Torque values for both mating connectors and for board mount screws are given in the relevant Component Specification. For the M83 series, this would be Component Specification C005xx (page 14).

Gajesh Keethol

Banglore, India

Does the S7051-42R spring contact need a pick and place cap for SMT placement?

A separate pick and place cap for S7051-42R is not necessary (and is not supplied) - the part has a flat top that should be used for pick and place purposes. You just need to specify a vacuum nozzle the right size.



I'm looking for the weights of M80-4C10205F1-04-325-00-000 and M80-5T10205M2-04-331-00-000?

The weights are given on the Product pages for the items, under the sub-heading "Materials". M80-4C10205F1-04-325-00-000 is 2.91g, and M80-5T10205M2-04-331-00-000 is 2.555g.


Kongsberg, Norway

How many points of contact on the the M20-1180042 crimp contact?

The M20-1180042 contact has 2 points of contact. There is one active beam at the front, which pushes on the mating male pin to make contact with the active beam, and also with the inside of the back of the contact.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Can I use M80-4652005 connector with 24AWG wire?

This connector uses contacts that take 22AWG only. You need the kit that takes 24-28AWG - part number M80-4662005. Or, if you only want a few contacts at 24AWG, you can use the 24-28AWG contacts M80-0130005 in the same housing.

Girish pandiyan


I need a 32 pin smd pcb board to board connector. The stackup height is 7.5mm. It should be as small as possible and withstand vibration . Can you suggest any part?

I'd recommend G125-FS13405F1P mating to G125-MS13405M2P for product with screw-locks; or G125-FS13405L0P mating to G125-MS13405L3P for latching product. Click here for the full Gecko range. I'm afraid we don't have 32 contacts in these ranges.



what is the mass (weight) of G125-FS12005L0P?

To find the weight on the G125-FS12005L0P product page, it is located under the Materials sub-heading. The individual weight of this item is 0.636g.

Clarajean DeLuca

Nevada City, CA USA

We would like to buy shield clip kits?

The shield can kit is part number S01-806005KIT. It is currently available from a number of distributors - for USA you can contact Digi-Key or Mouser. Click here for the list of stock.


Richardson, Texas

I am using a S1721-46 Mini SMT RFI Shield Clip on my PCB. What is the maximum thickness of the RFI shield I can use?

The S1721-46 (and S1721-46R) are specified to hold shield thicknesses between 0.13 and 0.23mm - so 0.23mm is the maximum.

Naeem Butt

Stevenage, Herts

We have the 10 pin Gecko female G125-FS11005L0R on our board. Can you provide a mating male with around 1m flying leads?

Yes: standard mating cable assemblies are 450mm (such as G125-MC11005L4-0450L), but we can offer custom cable assemblies for other lengths. We'll contact you directly for details.


Albuquerque, NM

I am using G125-MH12605L3P I want a tool to separate to two mated connectors?

The tool you need is the Z125-9262600 - this will help push in the two latch buttons, so you can then separate the mated connectors. It is possible to push in the two buttons by hand as well, if you have good access.

Dan (LiveChat)

Stevenage, UK

What is the thickness of the gold finish on the M20 series connector?

The thickness of gold on the M20 series products (unless otherwise stated on a specific Technical Drawing) is a gold flash, typically 0.03 to 0.1µm (1.2 to 4µ").

Tim (LiveChat)

Warwick, UK

I need a really low profile, 2 pin connector on 2.54mm pitch?

The lowest we can offer are the horizontal connectors. For the female half, that is M20-7910242R. For the male half, we have a choice of Surface Mount (M20-8890245) or Throughboard (M20-9960245). The height above board is just 2.54mm.

Shonda (LiveChat)

Fort Worth, USA

I need to know the difference between a British Standard PN and the Harwin commercial PN call out. I know they are the same but what makes a BS number BS?

Commercial & British Standard (BS) Datamate are manufactured on the same line. But BS product is 100% inspected, product from every batch is tested, & yearly tests are also carried out; to meet the requirements of BS9525 F0033. BS Datamate are generally specified only in safety-critical applications, as it carries a price premium.

Shirley (LiveChat)

Dallas, USA

What does SIL or DIL mean?

Sorry, shorthand used in the Connector Industry!

SIL stands for Single-In-Line, and refers to connectors with 1 row of contacts.

DIL stands for Dual-In-Line or Double-In-Line, and refers to connectors with 2 row of contacts.

Brad (LiveChat)

Seattle, USA

Do you carry M3 m-f standoffs with threadlocker?

Sorry, we don't have any standoffs (spacers, pillars) with threadlocker already applied.

Dean (LiveChat)

Boston, USA

How do I cut down this M22-2015005?

There are a few options. You may just be able to snap this item by hand. Or you can purchase a hand-cutting tool Z1022-00 - designed for 2.54mm pitch, it also works on 2mm. Or, you can use a fine slitting saw if you have access to cutting machinery - this will give the cleanest edge.

Chi (LiveChat)

Berlin, Germany

I need a shield can smaller than S02-30200250?

At the moment, that is our smallest (shortest) shield can in the Standard range. However, depending on your volume enquiry, it might be possible to investigate one manufactured to your requirements. Please contact your normal Harwin Sales Outlet with details (including volumes and project timescales).

Dean (LiveChat)

Newark, USA

What's the reeled part number for M22-2010205?

Typically, the reeled part number of any product is just the same number with an additional R on the end. For instance, M3497-98 and M3497-98R. However, this item has not yet been tape and reeled, so please contact your normal Harwin Sales Outlet for a quotation.

Gert (LiveChat)

Frankfurt, Germany

Do you have a shrouded version of M50-3600542?

We do have a couple of options with a shroud - M50-4900545 or M50-3650542R (which also has latches for mating with the IDC Cable Connectors in the range).

You can see alternatives like this listed in the Alternatives box on the M50-3600542 product page - just use the horizontal scroll arrows to see all options.

Bill (LiveChat)

Miami, USA

I'm looking for samples of the M22-2030246?

Samples can be requested from the M22-2030246 Product Page. Just click on the black "Request Samples" box to add it to your Sample Basket, then use the link at the top of the page to checkout your Samples. More information is available from the Samples FAQ page.

Matt Leach

Bournemouth, UK

Where can I find a product's RoHS statement?

a) Search for the part.

b) On the Product page, click on the sub-heading "Environmental Compliance".

c) The link for the RoHS statement will be revealed - just click to download.

More details are given on the RoHS FAQ page.

Eva (LiveChat)

Vienna, Austria

What's the price for M22520/2-01?

Although we are unable to quote you directly, we can point you towards our authorised distributors. You can either see their pricing directly from their website, or contact them for a quotation. Check the stock list on the M22520/2-01 product page for details and links.

Anonymous (Live Chat)

Moscow, Russia

The distributor sent me the wrong part!

We're sorry to hear that you've had an issue with your order. Please can you contact your distributor as quickly as possible for a resolution. In the unlikely event you have any problems with the distributor, please contact our Customer Services team.


Manchester, UK

The pin header I want is not in stock?

Unfortunately we do have such a wide range of products, it is not possible to stock them all! Some pin headers (M20, M22 styles) can be cut down from a larger size, otherwise you will need to order to leadtime, sorry. Our distributors will be happy to quote: Authorized Distributor page.

Anonymous (Live Chat)

Cambridge, UK

Can I have more than 5 samples?

We would need to evaluate that for you - please type how many you need and why in the Comments box on the Sample Request, and our Sample Team will reply to you directly.

Anonymous (Live Chat)

San Francisco, USA

Do your metric spacers come in 0.5mm increments?

Sorry, but our metric spacers are all in 1mm length increments. If you have a particularly high volume requirement, we might be able to investigate a custom product: contact your local Harwin Sales Office.

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