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Denny, Scotland

What is the pin numbering / pin out on M22-3070400?

For most of our commercial/industrial/PCB connectors, we do not specify a pin numbering system - this is only on our High-Reliability systems generally. So the M22 series can be pin numbered by yourselves, or to any pin numbering system you wish to use. You can read more on our FAQ on pin numbering.


Gräfenhausen, Germany

What's the tolerance of the height 1.15mm of the test point S2761-46R?

The tolerance on the height is the general tolerance, given in the "Tolerances" box at the bottom of the Technical Drawing. In this case, it is ±0.10mm.


Louisville, USA

Are all of the odd contacts on the same row for the M80-4613405?

The pin numbering for the Datamate J-Tek products goes along one row, then starts again and goes along the second row. You can see the full details in the Datamate Component Specification C005xx. We have an FAQ on pin numbering that may also help.


Tokyo, Japan

Where can I find cable assembly services for your connectors?

Please be advised that we can offer cable assembly services for our connectors. You can log your request on our Cable Assembly page. Or you can contact your regional Harwin Sales office directly, and one of our team will assist you.


Santa Clara, CA, USA

How do I find the latest REACH update?

The latest REACH statement is the first document on the Legislation page. This statement is up to date to the latest REACH SVHC, Annex 14 and Annex 17 lists. The statement covers all active standard products (those listed in the website) - if you need information on a customer special product, please contact [email protected].


Saint Malo, France

Is it possible to buy the part M20-8770442 packed in tape and reel?

Yes, the part number for the product in Tape and Reel (with pick and place caps) is M20-8770442R. If you click on this link to the product page, you can see the availability of stock at our authorised distributors.

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