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Does your product have a shelf-life or expiration date?

Harwin operates a Shelf Life policy for all connector products containing plated components. IEC Standard 62435-4: 2018 (Electronic components – Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices – Part 4: Storage) defines Long-Term Storage (LTS) as any period of time greater than 1 year, but noting that LTS could also last for decades.

At Harwin, any products that have not been consumed within 2 years of the original date of manufacture are revalidated. This revalidation consists of subjecting test parts to artificially accelerated ageing. The product batch is then acceptable for a further 3 years shelf life.

During the period of the 3 year shelf life, the connectors must be stored in acceptable storage conditions, constituting:

  • Product must be kept in the original sealed Harwin packaging at all times, and must retain all date code traceable numbers;
  • Product must be stored in a suitable environment that is not subjected to extreme variations of temperature and humidity.

This Policy is also available in PDF Format for download (SI-38, Issue 2, 13-02-2019).


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