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What do I do if an item is faulty?

If you believe there is a problem with a Harwin product, please:

  • Verify the item is actually a Harwin product - if you double-source, ensure we are the affected supplier.
  • Record batch numbers for all affected product.
  • Confirm your purchasing route, i.e. direct from Harwin, or through a distributor. If possible, locate the Purchase Order numbers affected.
  • Take as many measurements, photographs, etc. as you can.
  • Prepare some product in that batch for return. If the fault is during soldering or another process, samples from the same batch of both processed and un-processed items is ideal.

Once you have all this information ready, your next step will depend on your purchasing route.

  • If you purchased direct from Hawin, contact the relevant Sales Office.
  • If you purchased through a distributor, please contact their relevant Sales Office.

Please send all information you can send digitally to the Sales Office. Do not send any physical product until asked to do so. The Sales Office you contact will have a procedure for dealing with customer product issues. They will guide you through the process.

Please be advised that if you purchased through a distributor, but you contact Harwin directly, we'll get the distributor involved and resolve the issue through them - please understand that in these cases, you are their customer; they are our customer.

If you need further advice, please feel free to contact the Harwin Sales Office for your region.


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