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How are product changes handled? Do Harwin do PCNs?

Product Change Notifications (PCNs) are only released if the change is likely to cause a significant change to fit, form or function.

Depending on the reason for the change, there may be a notification period, an opportunity to purchase the old design, or there may be no period at all and may even have already occurred. The circumstances are entirely dictated by the reasons for the change, and what has been affected.


When a change warrants a PCN, but only affects very few customers, those customers will be notified directly.

When the change is likely to affect multiple customers, we send a PCN letter to all our authorized distributors, and to those who have registered for notifications directly from us. You can register for notifications on our Product Change Notification form. Please note, we are unable to accept requests to be registered for certain products only.

A typical PCN will consist of either one or two documents, depending on the scope of the change. If it is only a few items, a letter will be issued. If it is a longer list, a summary letter of the change will be sent with a full list of part numbers in a spreadsheet.

If you have any questions on the PCN process, or any PCNs you have received, please contact the Technical Team.


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