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How do I get information on an obsolete product?

Although a product may have been made obsolete by Harwin, we still aim to maintain design records on that product.

All our more recent (at least 15 years) obsolete products are still listed on the website. Just type the complete part number into the Product Search bar at the top of the page (a partial part number will only give you results from our active products). Don't worry if you see "No immediate matches - press ‹ENTER› for extended results" whilst typing, the search is designed to not suggest obsolete parts. Just press <ENTER> once you have typed in the full part number.

You will get a page looking like this:


The Obsolescence Date is given in the main information box. Often, the replacement is quoted in the notes fields - it will also be listed if you click on the sub-heading "Related Products".

Sometime we may not have a direct replacement anymore. If we can suggest any other alternatives from the current Harwin portfolio, they will be listed at the bottom of the product page.

Still not found it?

If you have a part number that isn't recognized on our website, please contact the Technical Team and we'll do our best to track down the item.


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