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Why is this Drawing page 2 of 2? Where is page 1?

In order to make sure that all our Customer Technical Drawings are kept up-to-date with any changes to the Production Drawings, we have a numbering system for the drawing that uses the part number. This means all our Technical Drawings are multi-page formats - the first pages are for internal Harwin use, and the last pages are for customer reference.

If you see a drawing that says Sheet 2 of 2, then Sheet 1 is the internal Production Drawing. If the Customer Technical Drawing consists of Sheets 3 and 4, then the internal Production Drawing is sheets 1 and 2.

We keep internal Production Drawings and Customer Technical Drawings as separate pages, so that each has the data relevant to the purpose:

  • An internal drawing may only have the list of piece parts required for assembly, one dimension to control that assembly, and the relevant work procedure or machine references - none of which would be helpful or recognizable to you, the customer.
  • On the Customer Technical Drawing, we can have all the dimensions relevant to the shape of the final assembly, notes relating to finish and specifications - none of which would be helpful to our production. It would make it unclear to the production staff what information would be relevant, if it was all on the same sheet.

By keeping them as pages of the same drawing, we can ensure that any updates made to the production drawing are also reflected on the Customer Technical Drawing if it is affected. If you wish to confirm any of this information with us, please contact our Technical Team.


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