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Are contacts included with your connectors?

Harwin offer some connectors with contacts, but some connectors and contacts need to be purchased separately.

  • All PCB solderable connectors (Throughboard tails, SMT tails) are already assembled to the connectors.
  • Generally, if a cable housing comes with contacts, it will be described as a "Kit" on the product page. Also, the Technical Drawing will show the contacts. The contacts are also available for order separately as spares - but when you order the housings, it will come with the right amount of contacts.

The following ranges have cable contacts supplied separately to the housings:

  • Gecko - 1.25mm pitch High-Reliability range
  • M300 - 3.00mm pitch High-Reliabilty range
  • Datamate Trio-Tek - 2.00mm pitch High-Reliability range. The Trio-Tek products are the open crimp style of contacts that can be supplied as reeled contacts. Part numbers start M80-45 or M80-69 for housings, M80-25 or M80-28 for contacts.
  • M20 - 2.54mm pitch Industry Standard Connectors
  • M22 - 2.00mm pitch Industry Standard Connectors
  • M225 - 2.00mm pitch High Performance Industrial Connectors
  • M30 - 1.25mm pitch Industry Standard Connectors

The following ranges have contacts supplied in kits, or assembled:

  • Datamate - 2.00mm pitch High-Reliability range, all except Trio-Tek. This includes female and male barrel signal contacts, all Coax-only and Power-only connectors, all Datamate Mix-Tek with a mixture of signal, power and/or coax. These are supplied in kits, the contacts are not assembled to the housing.
  • Archer IDC Cable - 1.27mm pitch Industry Standard Connectors. These IDC connectors have the contacts already assembled to the housing.
  • C90 - Circular Connectors. These connectors have the contacts already assembled to the housing.

If you need any further assistance on this topic, please contact our Technical Team.


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