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MSL, ESD and Shelf Life Policy

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)

To the best of Harwin's knowledge, we confirm that all products manufactured by Harwin are not applicable for MSL rating, but can be rated as MSL Level 1 if required.

Sensitivity to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

No Harwin products are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

Shelf Life for Harwin products

Harwin operates a Shelf Life policy for all connector products containing plated components, under the guidelines of the IECQ-BS9000 Approval Standards. In accordance with Paragraph 1.1.9 of the British Standard: BS 9520 (Generic Approval Procedure for D.C. + L.F. Electrical Connectors) the following applies to ‘Delayed Delivery’ – the time between the manufacture of the connector product and the use of the same product:

  • Connectors held for a period exceeding 36 months, from acceptance inspection, shall be re-examined.

At Harwin, this revalidation is performed after 36 months from the original date of manufacture. Test parts are subjected to artificial accelerated ageing. The product batch is then acceptable for a further 24 months shelf life. During the period of the 36 month shelf life, the connectors must be stored in acceptable storage conditions, constituting:

  • The product must be kept in the original sealed Harwin packaging at all times and must retain all date code traceable numbers.
  • The product must be stored in a suitable environment that is not subjected to extreme variations in temperature and humidity.

This Policy is also available in PDF Format for download (SI-38, Issue 2, 13-02-2019).


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