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Anti-Slavery Policy

1.    Overarching Policy.

It is the policy of the Harwin group of companies to conduct all business activities in compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to our industry and the laws in the countries in which the company operates.  In all cases, these business activities are conducted to the highest ethical standards.  Harwin’s reputation is built on the integrity of our employees and their commitment to maintaining the highest standard of business practice.

2.    Modern Slavery.

Harwin is aware of Modern Slavery legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its definitions of slavery and human trafficking.  As an employer, Harwin is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery in the business or in the company’s supply chain.  Harwin has a zero tolerance policy to slavery, labour exploitation and human trafficking.

3.    Prevention Policy.

Harwin has a supply chain to procure raw materials, components, finished goods and services from suppliers and sub-contractors.  These suppliers and subcontractors in turn will have their own suppliers, subcontractors and affiliated companies.  Consequently the supply chain runs through many companies located in different countries around the world.  Harwin’s commitment to preventing acts of slavery and human trafficking from occurring extends from its own business activities to its supply chain, and imposes those same high standards on its suppliers, sub-contractors and other business partners.

4.    Policy Implementation.

Harwin procurement contracts and agreements are awarded on the understanding that the suppliers and sub-contractors maintain prohibitions in respect of slavery and human trafficking and comply with modern slavery legislation.  Harwin reviews and monitors the business and supply chain to identify and assess potential risk areas.  Suppliers and sub-contractors in potentially higher risk categories are contacted to check what assurance arrangements they have in place.  Harwin employees are to report any suspicion of a case of slavery or human trafficking within the business or supply chain.

This Policy is also available in PDF format for download.


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