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The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a voluntary scheme administered by the Green Electronics Council, operating on a global footing. EPEAT benchmarks various product categories against a list of environmental criteria, both 'required' and 'optional'. To be EPEAT registered, a product must satisfy a number of these criteria in different categories (including materials, design, energy usage and end-of-life management). Many organisations require products to be EPEAT Registered (bronze, silver or gold) before they can be purchased. Further information and detail on the scheme can be found on the EPEAT website.

As a component manufacturer, Harwin is not directly affected by this voluntary scheme. To support our customers, we have reviewed the criteria in both IEEE 1680 and UL 110 and can state:

  • Many of the listed criteria are not applicable at the component level.
  • Some criteria relate to manufacturer procedures and processes, rather than the finished product. Hence, they are also not applicable to Harwin.
  • For those criteria that are applicable at the component level, Harwin’s conformance will depend upon the target component. Therefore, customers are requested to review the relevant Material Composition information available on product pages. There is an FAQ available on how to access Material Composition information.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact the Legislation Team on [email protected].


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