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Get help from a Harwin expert

Our experts are specialists in their field with many years of experience in their respective roles and industries. Find an expert that can help you with your enquiry.

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Alex Mair

Inside Sales Engineer

Specializes in: Product Sampling

Martin Perry

Product Environmental Compliance Consultant

Specializes in: Materials Legislation

Dwayne Beck

Sales Office Manager (USA)

Specializes in: High-Reliability Connectors

Eneko Ansoleaga

Business development manager for Southern Europe

Specializes in: Spanish Speaking and Commercial

Giorgio Potenza

Head of Business Development (EMEA)

Specializes in: High-Reliability Connectors, Cable Assembly and Italian Speaking

John Brunt

Product Manager (High-Reliability Connectors)

Specializes in: High-Reliability Connectors

Karen Bage

Customer Service Agent (EU)

Specializes in: Price & Delivery

Michael Clarner

Head of Distribution Sales (EMEA)

Specializes in: Industrial/PCB Connectors and German Speaking

Meizy Loo

Sales Desk Manager (Asia)

Specializes in: Price & Delivery

Neil Moore

Product Manager (EMC Boardware & Industrial Connectors)

Specializes in: Industrial/PCB Connectors and RF / EMC

Ryan Smart

NPI Product Manager (EU)

Specializes in: New Product Development

Theresa Clampitt

Customer Service Agent (USA)

Specializes in: Price & Delivery

Zachary Spoonamore

Field Applications Engineer (USA East)

Specializes in: Industrial/PCB Connectors

Can’t find the right person?

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