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Circular Connectors

RoHS compliant waterproof connectors

Rugged and waterproof, yet kinder to the environment – these connectors are fully RoHS compliant yet still meet all the electrical and mechanical performance requirements of MIL-DTL-5015 (was MIL-C-5015).

About Circular Connectors

  • Exceeds IP67 sealing requirements – water immersion of 1.8m for 48 hours
  • 13 Amps per contact
  • Rugged, durable – withstands multiple mating cycles and rated to 10G vibration, 50G shock
  • Stocked in depth across the Harwin Authorized Distributor network
  • All contacts are solder cup for cable connection
  • 3 body styles – Cable connector with rotating threaded ring, mating Panel mounting with external thread,  and mating Cable connector with external thread

As a connector range designed to meet the performance of MIL-DTL-5015, but with the added improvement of RoHS compliance, these connectors are ideally suited for COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) programs.

Product Types

Connector Styles
  • Cable Connector – Connector designed for cable, with internal seal, backshell with strain relief, and external mating thread
  • Straight Plug – Connector designed for cable, with internal seal and rear cable seal, backshell with strain relief, and rotating collar with internal mating thread
  • Panel Mount Receptacle – Connector designed for mounting on a bulkhead or panel, supplied with panel seal, and external mating thread
  • Dust caps and additional rear cable seal also available
Shell Sizes
  • 10SL-4 = 2 contacts, Ø22.04mm mating collar
  • 10SL-3 = 3 contacts, Ø22.04mm mating collar
  • 12S-3 = 2 contacts, Ø25.40mm mating collar
  • 14S-2 = 4 contacts, Ø28.30mm mating collar
  • 14S-6 = 6 contacts, Ø28.30mm mating collar

Technical Details


Outer Shell

Aluminium Alloy, with Zinc Cobalt Alloy finish in Black


Copper Alloy, Silver finish


Synthetic Rubber



13A per contact

Working Voltage

500V AC, 700V DC for 10SL and 12S shell sizes; 200V AC, 250V DC for 14S shell size

Maximum Voltage

2,000V AC for 10SL and 12S shell sizes; 1,000V AC for 14S shell size

Insulation Resistance

5,000MΩ min


Operating Temperature

-55°C to +125°C


10-500Hz, 98m/s² (10G)


490m/s² (50G) for 11ms

Water resistance (sealing)

1.8m immersion depth for 48 hours (exceeds IP67)


Durability (contacts)

500 mating cycles

Wire Specification

Wire Sizes

16 to 22 AWG

Strip Length



Technical Documents

Component Specification (including pin numbering system)

PDF Download

Product Training

Circular Connectors Overview

PDF Download

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