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New low profile RFI Shield Cans protect sensitive PCB circuitry at minimal installed cost

Harwin have launched a range of new, low profile RFI Shield Cans that provide excellent protection for sensitive PCB circuitry against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) at board level. Attenuation performance up to 24dB can be achieved, depending on frequency and configuration. An extension to Harwin’s popular EMC Shielding range, S02 Series RFI Shield Cans are designed to be used with SMT RFI Shield Clips, and provide good protection against vibration due to their excellent retention.


These low-profile cans, manufactured from 0.2mm thick nickel silver, can be placed automatically to minimise manufacturing costs. An additional advantage of Harwin’s RFI Shield Cans and Clips is easy removal and replacement of the can – ideal when adjustment, repair and maintenance is required.

S02 Series RFI Shield Cans have a simple, five-sided box design, which is mechanically robust and more cost-effective than fence and cover types.  Used with SMT Shield Clips, S02 Series Shield Cans resist vibration and remain securely retained on the PCB. As well as simplifying maintenance and adjustment, auto-placement of both the Shield Cans and related clips eliminates post-assembly soldering and de-soldering, significantly reducing PCB damage caused by local overheating on the board.

There are many applications for these RFI Shield Cans across multiple markets, including consumer electronics, industrial, instrumentation and control systems. Some examples are radio systems, wireless equipment and consumer electronic devices which require excellent shielding performance and effective can retention at low-cost.

The S02 Series cans are available in the following standard sizes:

Need a different Shield Can size?

Harwin can also offer custom shield cans in basic square or rectangular single-piece shapes, supplied in Tape & Reel for convenience and protection. Talk to our Experts about your requirements today.

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