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New extended Spring Contact Connector range now includes 13 types in extended C and Positive Stop styles

Ideal for low voltage connections and grounding to prevent RFI/EMI; suits antenna feeds in wearable and mobile applications

Harwin has announced a significant extension to its popular Spring Contact range, with thirteen new models offering design engineers more options to select the best design for each application. The new range includes Extended C and Positive Stop models in eleven different free heights, ranging from 5mm down to ultra-low profile designs a mere 1.23mm above board level.



Miniature Contacts

With these miniature designs, smaller, lighter, low-profile PCB designs can be achieved. Spring Contact interconnects suit a wide variety of applications and markets, including antenna contacts in wearable and mobile applications, RFI screening, LED lamp connections, RFID tags, vision systems, PCB grounding and board-to-board contact.


Positive Force

Spring Contact connectors maintain a positive force against a mating surface, are available in different widths and offer a choice of spring contact forces.  Tolerant to significant mating misalignment, 6 of the new designs incorporate a “positive stop” to prevent damage caused by over-compression.  The stop also doubles as an anti-hook up feature as a further benefit.



All new additions are gold-plated contacts with current rating up to 1.0A. Reliable and durable, Harwin Spring Contacts can withstand up to 10,000 mating cycles.  Supplied on tape and reel, the Spring Contact range enables low-cost assembly with automatic pick and place machines.

The extended Spring Contact range builds on an already enormously popular product line and now brings even wider choice to design engineers.  Today, the pressure is on to fit ever more functionality into less space, and our ultra-low profile 1.23mm Spring Contact in particular helps designers meet demands for smaller and lighter products.

Graham Cunningham | Product Manager