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Metal Backshells with Built-In Shielding Ensure Ongoing Electrical & Mechanical Integrity

Aluminium Backshells

Designed to complement its widely-used Datamate wire-to-board connector offering, Harwin now supplies a comprehensive range of backshells with a rugged aluminium alloy construction and electroless nickel plating.

Through these accessories, which can be applied to new installations or alternatively for carrying out mid production modifications, engineers are able to add increased levels of mechanical robustness, as well as providing the necessary EMI/RFI protection. As a result, prolonged operational lifespans can be benefited from even in the most uncompromising of application conditions.


Braiding Accommodation

Incorporated into the female cable versions is a highly convenient attachment feature via which braid screening can be achieved with maximum effectiveness. There is a large elliptical entry hole for braid placement, along with a choice of slotted or hexagonal jackscrews on either side for securing the connection (as well as providing strain relief).

The male backshell is designed for panel mount applications and is compatible with both cable or vertical PCB connector styles. Full 360 degree EMI/RFI shielding is delivered once the male/female mating process has been completed. A working temperature range spanning from -55°C to +125°C is supported.


Jackscrew Compatible

The new Harwin backshells can be used in conjunction with both the company’s Datamate J-Tek and Datamate Mix-Tek connector product lines – with signal, power and coax cabling all being accommodated. The combined Datamate/backshell assemblies are significantly lower in overall cost than equivalent Micro-D/backshell arrangements.



Made to order, only low minimum volumes are required and there are very short turnaround times involved. Among the key areas where these items will be employed are aerospace, motorsport, industrial drives & controls, military communication, satellite systems, robotics and renewable energy infrastructure.

Features and Benefits
  • Machined single-piece aluminium for strength and shielding integrity
  • Nickel plating for corrosion resistance
  • Accepts signal, coax and power (up to 12AWG PTFE wires)
  • Sizes range from 8 to 32 signal contacts (each power or coax contact is equivalent to 4 signal contacts) – see table below
  • RF Attenuation = 10kHz to 400MHz @ >30dBs mated
  • Low MOQs and fast turnaround


Product and associated parts
  • M80-945xx02 – Female cable backshell with Slotted floating jackscrews
  • M80-946xx02 – Female cable backshell with Hex Socket floating jackscrews
  • M80-906xx02 – Male backshell, fits both Vertical PCB and Cable connectors
  • Z80-300 – Tool to attach e-clips, to retain floating jackscrews on female backshells
  • M80-9470000 and M80-9480000 – BAND-It ties to secure braiding for full metal shield
  • Tool for securing BAND-IT tie – A30199 Tie-Dex II Tool for Micro Size Bands (not available from Harwin)
Sizes and Equivalent Contacts

“XX” in the above part numbers designates the equivalent number of Signal contacts. Each power or coax contact is the equivalent of 4 signal contacts.

Equivalent no. of signal contacts

Power-only or Coax-only

Power/Signal combinations




2 contacts


2 Power, 2 Signal


3 contacts

2 Power, 4 Signal


2 Power, 6 Signal


4 contacts

2 Power, 8 Signal


4 Power, 2 Signal


5 contacts

2 Power, 12 Signal or 4 Power, 2 Signal


4 Power, 6 Signal


6 contacts

4 Power, 8 Signal



7 contacts

4 Power, 12 Signal



8 contacts



9 contacts



10 contacts



11 contacts



12 contacts


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