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Hi-Rel industries shift to jackscrew fixings for ultimate connection security

Robotics, Satellites & Motor Sport applications all benefit from Harwin’s Datamate J-Tek in high shock and vibration environments

Harwin has announced that several industries – satellites, robotics, motor sport – are now preferring to specify the company’s 2mm pitch Datamate family of high reliability connectors with jackscrews, rather than latches or other fixing mechanisms, to ensure secure connection. As well as guaranteeing connector retention and signal integrity, the J-Tek jackscrew fixing is also being used to connect PCBs together in innovative configurations where space is at a premium.

As electronics becomes pervasive in harsh environments where high levels of shock and vibration are experienced, customers are demanding fixing solutions that provide the highest confidence levels. Autosport teams, for example, that used to use plastic latches are now moving over to jackscrews for added security. Robotics is another example where repeated mating can lead to the latch wearing, so jackscrews are now commonly preferred.

Scott Flower | Global Product Manager for High Reliability Connectors

Harsh conditions

Satellites, especially miniature CubeSats, are relying on jackscrews not only to ensure that the connection survives harsh operation conditions, but also to save space. Comments Flower: “One Datamate customer is using the jackscrews to connect four boards in a box section. The boards then become self-supporting and the use of space – always a concern in satellite design – is maximised.”

Harwin recommends that users torque Datamate jackscrews to 21±2 cmN. This ensures that devices meet EIA specifications for vibration severity. Jackscrews are available with all Harwin’s Datamate J-Tek and Mix-Tek (mixed signal, power and coax) connectors.