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1mm pitch (M40 series) Cable-to-board - Harwin Introduces Ultra-Compact Fine Pitch Cable-to-Board Connector Offering

Continuing to extend the breadth of its interconnect solutions, Harwin has announced the latest addition to the M40 series. With phosphor bronze contacts that are rated for currents of up to 1A, these lightweight, low profile 1mm pitch units are the smallest in the company’s portfolio of cable-to-board connectors. They have been developed specifically to attend to the needs of modern electronic designs, where densely populated PCBs are stacked closely together.

M40 connectors are available in both single and double row options, with vertical and horizontal surface mount configurations for the shrouded male headers. This means they are versatile enough to serve a wide array of different layout requirements. Pre-cabled female contacts are available off-the-shelf, with complete cable assembly layouts on request, enabling customers to avoid making heavy investment on crimp tooling (plus all the training and procedural planning that goes with it). As a result, these connectors will prove particularly attractive for prototyping or small volume runs.

Supporting 50 mate/un-mate cycles, these components have an insulation resistance of 100MΩ and cover an operational temperature range of -25°C to +85°C. Located within an attractive price bracket, they are targeted at industrial control/monitoring, communications infrastructure, industrial drives and consumer electronics. They are supplied in either tube packaging or a tape-and-reel format, thus making them very well suited to automated production processes.


Product Training Module for Fine Pitch Connectors


Summary of Connector Options
  • Vertical and Horizontal single row Male connectors
  • Vertical double-row Male SMT connectors
  • Female crimp contacts, single and double row housings
  • A range of pre-cabled contacts, with a choice of single or double ended, 3 wire sizes, 2 cable lengths (150mm and 300mm).

NOTE: M40 contacts are not available loose, and there is no hand crimp tool available due to the miniature size of the contacts. To use the reeled crimp contacts, you will need to commission an appropriate set of crimp tooling from your local crimp machine supplier.



Single row connectors are available in pin counts from 2 to 20, and double in a selection of pin counts up to 50 (25+25). Additional features include:

  • Surface Mount hold-down tabs for additional PCB strain relief on male connectors
  • Current rating of 1A max per contact
  • Operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C
  • Mating cycle durability of 50 operations minimum
  • Fully shrouded and polarized – helps with mating during manual operation
  • Male SMT products available on tape and reel with pick and place caps, for automated assembly
  • RoHS and REACH SVHC compliant

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M40 Connector Series