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Harwin expands popular SMT Test Point range with two smaller sizes

Versions for PCBs where space is at a premium

Due to the industry’s ever increasing demand for more functionality in ever decreasing PCB space, e.g. in hand held devices, Harwin has now expanded its popular SMT Hardware portfolio with new, small size and low profile versions of surface mount Test Points. The two new Test Points are designed to match the 2012 and 1608 metric (0805 and 0603 imperial) electronic package sizes, whilst providing secure connection points and allowing test engineers to clip on industry standard micro test clips.


Minimize cost, maximize choice

Harwin’s small size surface mount Test Points are fully auto-placeable to PCBs, minimizing installation costs. Available in a range of form factors to match the size of the customer’s electronic package size and in three stock sizes for maximum choice, the components have been designed to provide specific targets for test engineers to use when testing PCBs, permitting a clip on facility and allowing hands free testing.



The main target applications can be found in most markets, ranging from medical and aerospace markets through to the industrial, instrumentation and control systems environment. Essentially, any market that wishes to test their PCBs during the assembly process can be considered a target.


Advantage over Throughboard competitors

The existing solution is the addition of a test point into the circuit design – traditionally a piece of bent wire (with or without insulation), or a stamped tab with a hole in the upper section. These solutions are through-board soldered – and on a surface mount PCB that means an additional soldering operation. The height of these contact can also cause design issues on an otherwise low-profile PCB.