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Embracing New Technology, Weathering Downturns & Championing Apprenticeships – Harwin’s Chairman Tells His Story

In a recent podcast conducted with EE World magazine, highly-regarded American tech journalist Aimee Kalnoskas talked at length with Damon de Laszlo. During their wide-ranging, multi-faceted discussions, the Harwin Chairman imparted details of our long and eventful history. He also described his involvement in the company’s progression, and how “as a team we are continuing to adapt to the ever-changing electronics business landscape.”

Listeners to this informative podcast interview will have the opportunity to learn about the deep-rooted philosophy that Damon has instilled within Harwin over the course of the last two decades – and why doing things differently and questioning convention has proved extremely effective when it comes to giving the company a competitive edge.

Damon de Laszlo with Tony Green

Among the many subjects covered in his conversation with Aimee was how the Harwin management have approached the challenge of competing with companies in lower cost manufacturing regions through the combination of a high degree of automation and following a vertical integration strategy. As Damon explains, by being more vertically organised (although this is generally against current orthodox thinking), the company has been able to keep key engineering activities in house, rather than being too specialised and having to outsource them to a third party. Being directly responsible for the design of tooling and assembly machines has helped to make operations more efficient, as well as driving greater product innovation.

In the podcast Damon also underlines the huge importance he places on the nurturing of young engineers, and providing them with the core skills they need through apprenticeship programmes, as well as some of the other educational initiatives that Harwin is now heavily investing in. Furthermore, he conveys his views on why new recruits should gain an understanding of all aspects of the business by working in a number of different departments during their training, and the value in giving them projects that they can take full ownership of.

To hear the podcast in its entirety click here.