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£500k investment emphasizes Harwin’s commitment to UK manufacture

Rapid development of EMC Shielding & SMT Hardware range, ensures quality, reduces leadtimes

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, has taken delivery of equipment worth £500,000 at its Portsmouth manufacturing headquarters facilitating further production efficiencies and enabling the company to remain competitive.

Maintaining a vertically-integrated manufacturing capability in the UK is a firm commitment that underpins Harwin’s entire business strategy. The new investment with automatic stamping press maker, Bruderer, sees Harwin achieve a world first with the integration of a planetary gearbox into the shaft of the main stamping press motor. This means that Harwin can use the same equipment for development and production, identifying any issues at the lowest stroke rate before flicking a switch to move to full production rates.

This is particularly beneficial for the development of Harwin’s EMC Shielding and Hardware ranges of surface mount products that improve manufacturing flexibility, reduce manufacturing costs and improve in field maintenance. Traditional methods used to solve cable management, test and EMC problems and battery retention often require secondary, manual processing. The latest SMT Hardware components can all be surface mounted along with other components, saving space as well as reducing time and costs. These SMT components are stamped parts and the new equipment will speed development and reduce manufacturing costs.

Unlike other companies that have moved production offshore, we still believe that it is beneficial to keep all aspects of our manufacturing at our Portsmouth headquarters. By understanding the manufacturing processes we can rapidly develop new products, ensure quality and keep leadtimes low. We are delighted to be pioneering this new approach with Bruderer, strengthening our 30 year relationship with the company, and we will continue to invest in our world class facility.

Damon de Laszlo | Chairman