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University Sponsorship

In keeping with Harwin’s policy of investing in new technology, we are pleased to showcase the following projects that have been supported and sponsored by Harwin.

Current Sponsorship


Warwick University Satellite Project

WUSAT is a multi-disciplinary 4th Year MEng satellite engineering team, sponsored by Harwin, using Gecko connectors on a CubeSat system for ISS launch.

Space Concordia

Concordia University

Space Concordia Spacecraft Division are working on their 3rd iteration of their 3U-CubeSat project, named Aleksandr.

Ecurie Aix

Formula Student Team, RWTH Aachen University

A pure electric racing car competing in the Formula Student series.

Purdue Electric Racing

Purdue University

A pure electric racing car competing in the Formula Student series.

UWashington Formula Motorsports

University of Washington

A pure electric racing car competing in the Formula Student series.

Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI)

Stanford University

Student-led, student-run organization where anyone can act on their interest in space.

Previous Sponsorship

ESMO (European Student Moon Orbiting Satellite) – Warwick University

The Warwick University Satellite team took part in this collaborative project co-ordinated by the European Space Agency, with 23 teams across Europe. Warwick’s brief was to design and build the power system that maintains payloads for the journey to a low orbit around the Moon. Harwin assisted with the supply of various Datamate connectors and associated tooling. Harwin continue to sponsor this team as they develop their own CubeSat projects.

Global Formula Racing (Formula Student) – Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg-Ravensburg (DHBW-R)

Global Formula Racing is a unique international cooperation between the BA Racing Team from Germany, and the Beaver Racing Team from Oregon State University (OSU), USA. The Germany car is the electric version, capable of 160kph (limited to 120kph for the competition). Size, Current rating and vibration requirements led the team to specify Datamate Mix-Tek with 101Lok fixings. Harwin sponsored the team during their 2015 season.

Warwick Mobile Robotics – Warwick University

Warwick Mobile Robotics approached Harwin requiring a complete redesign of the robot. Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek was the perfect solution to their design issues, allowing the engineers to reduce the number of connectors required in the unit and ensure that their search and rescue robot was able to win the 2010 Robo-Cup Rescue Challenge.

Bodensee Racing Team (Formula Student) – Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft & Gestaltung Konstanz

In 2010 Harwin sponsored the Bodensee race team providing 5015 style circular connectors to meet their requirement for secure, waterproof connectors capable of carrying high power under heavy vibration. Harwin’s durable C90 range of circular connectors with their secure couplings were ideally suited to the team’s requirements.

Warwick University Race Team (Formula Student) – Warwick University

2010 saw Harwin sponsoring the Warwick University Formula Student team. 5015 style connectors from the C90 range were chosen for their rugged waterproof capabilities, and Datamate Mix-Tek for internal electronics to give excellent signal integrity under high vibration.

Imperial Racing Green Team (Formula Student) – Imperial College London

Imperial College’s Formula Student team went green in 2009, with an all-electric car for the international competition. Harwin were pleased to support this effort with Datamate J-Tek hooded connectors and tooling, suitable for the high-reliability demands of Autosport.

DARE Stratos Rocket (High Altitude Rocket) – Delft University of Technology

In 2009, the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering society from Delft University (Netherlands) conceived and built the Stratos rocket, a two-stage rocket designed to reach 15km altitude. Harwin Datamate J-Tek connectors were used for the primary link between all the flight hardware, to cope with the 30g acceleration and heavy vibration.

Delfi C3 (CubeSat) – Delft University of Technology

Delft University came to Harwin in 2007 looking to develop a miniature CubeSat design that would carry out a series of experiments for Dutch Space & TNO Science. Outgassing was a major consideration for the design, as was the security of connection under the extreme vibration and G forces at launch.  Datamate J-Tek connectors were chosen as the ideal connectors for these conditions.

ADIOS (Advanced Isolation on Sounding Rockets) – University of Applied Sciences Aachen

ADIOS aimed and succeeded in developing a microgravity platform for sounding rockets that reduces the vibrations felt by the experiments. It was launched on a REXUS rocket in 2012. The German students used Harwin Datamate connectors for the acceleration sensors.

UWESUB (Student AUV Challenge Europe) – University of West of England

Harwin have sponsed the UWESub twice, in 2011 and 2013. The 2011 team took part in the SAUC-Europe event, winning the Experimentation Award and gaining 6th place. The team chose Harwin’s C90 connectors for their waterproof abilities.

In 2013 the team returned to the SAUC-E event, and won second place. This time, Datamate S-Tek shielded connectors were used in the internal electronics systems.

STRaND-1 Smartphone Nanosatellite – SSTL and University of Surrey

STRaND-1 was developed in 2012-2013, using a smartphone as the onboard computer for a CubeSat. As with other recent CubeSat designs, Gecko connectors were once again chosen for their combination of light weight and high reliability. The launch was successful and the CubeSat has been operating for over 2 years.

TUfast ecoTeam – Technical University Munich (TU Munich)

This student car competed in the Shell Eco Marathon in Rotterdam 2014, and also the EducEco competition in France. The car was supported by Harwin with a package of Datamate L-Tek, J-Tek and Mix-Tek, all popular connectors in Autosport due to their high vibration resistance.

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