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EZ-Coin Cell Battery Retainer

Simple, cost-effective coin cell holders provide secure retention and save installation time.

Harwin has enhanced its range of EZ-BoardWare products with a fuller range of Coin Cell Battery Holders. The range comprises of ultra-low, single piece surface mountable coin cell holders, and a selection of insulated coin cell holders in a choice of horizontal SMT or vertical PC Tail. Low profile EZ-Coin Cell Holders provide a cost effective solution to the problem of battery mounting. Coin cells are securely held in place, yet they can be quickly and easily removed when they run down.

All holders ensure coin cell batteries are securely retained in place while cutting assembly time. Except for the Vertical PC Tail version, EZ-Coin Cell Holders are available in Tape and Reel packaging, making them ideally suited to automatic placement systems.

EZ-Coin Cell Holder Part No. Battery Dimensions Typical Coin Cell Batteries
S8201-46R Ø 12mm x 2.5mm max BR1225, CR1216, CR1220, CR1225
S8211-46R Ø 20mm x 3.2mm max CR2032, CR2025, CR2016
S8401-46 Ø 20mm x 3.2mm CR2032
S8411-45R Ø 12mm x 2.0mm CR1220
S8421-45R Ø 20mm x 3.2mm CR2032

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